16:53 GMT +323 February 2017
    The United Kingdom reportedly will send five warships and 530 naval personnel to join NATO’s fleet as the alliance enforces its military capacity.

    UK to Provide NATO With Five Warships to Counter 'Russian Aggression'

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    The United Kingdom reportedly will send five warships and 530 naval personnel to join NATO’s fleet as the alliance enforces its military capacity.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The United Kingdom will send five warships and 530 naval personnel to join NATO’s fleet as the alliance enforces its military capacity to counter what the alliance sees as “Russian aggression,” a British newspaper reported Wednesday.

    “Increasing our Nato deployment sends a strong message to our enemies that we are ready to respond to any threat and defend our allies; 2016 will see a particular focus on the Baltic region with our ships sent there as part of the Maritime Group, the Mine Counter Measure Group and the Baltops exercise,” The Independent quoted UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon as saying.

    Earlier on Wednesday, The Telegraph newspaper reported that NATO plans to deploy thousands of troops along Russia’s border with eastern Europe.

    A NATO defense ministers meeting is scheduled to be held in Brussels later in the day.

    Russia has repeatedly expressed concerns over NATO's military buildup along its western borders, warning that the alliance's expansion undermines regional and global security.


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      Elsa JV
      Stoltenberg, you fool, you should look in the mirror; you and your master in the big house on the hill, and his lapdog that prepares to send 5 warships -- to see their worse enemy.

      Madness, I didn't know, England has 5 working warships! Well, if they have money to waste. . . perhaps they should start to fix all that's broken in the UK.
    • avatar
      "Increasing our Nato deployment sends a strong message to our enemies . . . ."

      That looks like an "official" declaration of enmity toward Russia. Hard to see how any Russian official could ignore that and pretend that the western countries are "partners" in anything at all.
    • avatar
      I'm just curious about where the ships would be going to.
    • avatar
      sounds a lot more like english aggression..I suppose they realise.... such a big target for a tiny missile
    • avatar
      Just confirms Brits in 2014 declared war on Russia .... When teh nukes lamn on Lomdon etc ... then we will see Hear Nothing ... LOL !
    • Lee
      " 2016 will see a particular focus on the Baltic region with our ships sent there as part of the Maritime Group"
      "NATO plans to deploy thousands of troops along Russia’s border with eastern Europe."

      Russian aggression?
    • avatar
      The BEAR stated; " Am I supposed to be IMPRESSED!!? You little islanders think you so BIG with 5 miserable ships? Wait till you see my next gen ship;s beginning soon!! And I do have something for ya, little buggers!!".
      Hopefully, Russia wise up and develop streamlines ships, that carry drones, specifically, hoverboard like ships tp replace copters. Or Heli that can be packed, to look for subs, rescue and even recon and attack.
    • Andrew Arends
      Five ships? That's the whole uk fleet?
    • sophm0e38
      Cameron's bored with abusing the British economy, is he? Wants to waste good money to mimic Don Quixote.

      Wouldn't be shocked to find out that this was the British establishment's way of ensuring a certain US presidential candidate.
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