22:33 GMT +324 February 2017
    Russian Airborne Forces

    Russia Puts South Military District’s Airborne Forces on Full Combat Alert

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    The units of the airborne troops and military transport aviation have been placed on full combat alert to undergo snap drills.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Snap drills to inspect the combat readiness of the Russian Southern Military District's airborne troops and military transport aircraft have been launched in Russia, the country's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Monday.

    "In accordance with the decision of the commander-in-chief, today at 5 a.m. [02:00 GMT] the troops of the Southern Military District, units of the airborne troops and military transport aviation have been placed on full combat alert. Since that time we have started a snap inspection of the troops' combat readiness in the southwestern strategic direction," Shoigu said at a meeting.

    According to the minister, the inspection will assess the readiness of the Southern Military District to respond to crises of various kinds.

    Exercises of  Russian airborne troops
    Exercises of Russian airborne troops

    "It is necessary to practice the whole range of tasks the control and command bodies are dealing with, including the fight against terrorist threats, recovery from natural and man-made disasters, to inspect units' maneuvering potential on marches," the minister added.

    According to Shoigu, the combat readiness of aviation and air defense forces to repel enemy air attacks and protect important military and government facilities will also be inspected during the drills.


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    • Matrix 68
      This is no doubt in preparation to any eventual move by Turkey/Saudi Arabia in Syria? A very proper, calculated and warranted precaution by the Russian Ministry of Defense. This tells the Turks that yes, Russia is aware of your every move and yes, Russia is ready to storm into Syria if necessary, and the best part of it all is it would be perfectly legal as it is only the Russian alliance who there by invitation of the legal and legitimate government of Syria.
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toMatrix 68(Show commentHide comment)
      Matrix 68, this alert would also tie in with the British sending 1600 troops to Jordan for a military exercise with the Americans.
    • avatar
      It is a warning on the address of Turkey , Saudi Arabia and other Arabian Sate's and for sure on GB and USA. Very wise from Russia !!!
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