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    Turbulent Flight? Numerous Flaws of US F-35 Could Result in Failure

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    The fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet has long been a subject of controversy regarding the project’s viability. And with the total cost of the aircraft development program at 1.5 trillion dollars, it has enough flaws that could "fail" the development of the fighter.

    One of the main problems in the development of the F-35 is the delay in the creation of software Block2 system, responsible for the overall control of the combat capabilities of the aircraft, in particular the data links and live-weapon firing system, the US magazine Business Insider wrote.

    “The worst deficiencies were found in the Block 2B's navigation and accuracy software aspects. These software problems slowed weapons integration and flight-testing, and with it the entire aircraft's development.”

    The Block2 also has issues with the accuracy of fire, radar, passive sensors, the ‘friend or foe’ recognition system and the electro-optical guidance targets for attacks.

    “Most recently, the F-35 program is expected to miss a deadline for releasing the Block 3F software upgrade. Missing the deadline will likely mean that the F-35 won't be ready for its July 2017 deadline,” the publication wrote.

    Among the disadvantages there is also an indication for the need to change the fuel tank destroyer design. The present modification is inadequate to ensure safety, as it could provoke an explosive reaction between oxygen and gases in the fuel tank. This requires additional hardware and software modifications.

    The F-35 also doesn’t meet the requirements necessary to provide protection to the fuselage against lightening. “If a solution is not found, F-35Bs will require the development of alternate lightning protection methods.”

    In addition, there is some deviation in the F-35 flight control system, making it impossible for aerial combat at certain angles, reducing the maneuverability of the fighter.

    Business Insider reported that, in addition to these drawbacks, the fighter revealed a number of problems with the helmet-mounted display, which should display the important information about the course of the flight.

    The cost of a helmet edition is estimated at 400 thousand dollars, but it does not provide a clear image in the dark.

    If that is not enough, the F-35 has a number of components that require maintenance more often than desired.

    “According to the Pentagon report, all versions have reliability issues with their avionics processors, landing gear tires, thermal management systems, ejection seat assemblies, cockpit display electronics unit, helmet display units, seat survival kits, igniter-spark in the turbine engines, and on-board oxygen generating systems,” The Business Insider wrote.

    This unreliability further increases maintenance time and costs on an already expensive plane.


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      Meanwhile, how many SU35s have China ordered and that is without seeing them perform yet, in Syria.
    • FlorianGeyer
      "The F-35 also doesn’t meet the requirements necessary to provide protection to the fuselage against lightening."

      I laughed so much I had tears running down my face,lol.
    • klod.infobeez
      Sure enough that President Putin him himself used a mental weapon to blurr the mind of the US designers...
    • klod.infobeezin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, The fact (no place to mention all !) that fuel has to be refrigerated koz it's used to cool the electronic components is quite interesting too.

      Let's add up : can't fly under rain, can fly in warm or hot weather... guess that can't fly either in Siberian winter for some reason... Let's hope they can use it to parade on the 4th of July, so they don't throw them to third world country...
    • avatar
      Just dig a large hole and bury it for good! R.I.P. !! Throwing bad money after more bad money.
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      This unreliability further increases maintenance time and costs on an already expensive plane."

      Quantitative easing! It's your solution!....... Even if no one would pay for that plane.
    • avatar
      The Australians keep replacing their legacy f-18 hornets with super hornets, and the Canadians have reopened the whole bid. They probably will officially cancel out of the jsf program this year, likely in favour of the super hornets as well. Who knows how long the Americans can keep this fantasy alive by themselves, but the stark fact that Russian industry can make money selling 24 su-35s for $2billionto china has got to sting.
    • siberianhusky
      Don't worry the Wall Street / Lockheed Mafia just got a possible relief for the financial problems / Ponzi scheme. Just read that Odumbo want to put a 10 tax on every barrel of oil. Guess who will get that money.
      That still doesn't mean the F-35 "Brewster 2" is going to work any better or will be available any sooner.

      Follow the sad saga of the Brewster here
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toklod.infobeez(Show commentHide comment)

      There is a song that is pertinent to the F-35.

      "Why was he born so beautiful?,
      Why was he born at all?
      He's no bloody use to anyone
      He's no bloody use at all."

      It amused me anyway. I do love it when the US produces a very expensive lemon.
    • avatar
      ah but the cigarette lighter works! :)
    • FlorianGeyerin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)

      Alas , under the new US anti smoking laws the pilots are not allowed to light up.
      All is not lost though as the Russian missiles will light up the F35 soon enough.
    • avatar
      I hope America buys thousands of these planes. Out of pride and arrogance they likely will. Globally it's a joke.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      Florian, ah but they can plug in their iPods though! :)
    • FlorianGeyerin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      I guess the Heads Up Display can run the Call of Duty video game. That way the pilots can send screen shots of their exploits to Twitter and the US State Dept can produce the data as 'Irrefutable Evidence' of US military prowess.

      They could even do this whilst the F35 is in the repair shop.
      Its a Win Win really. The US has a victory and NATO claps politely and buys another useless F35.
    • avatar
      Spending time with the sky...

      I saw this in my.. .*minds eye* United States Marine Corp's Interests in developing A vertical lift support fight/bomber close air support air craft.. We're the vision-able experience i was provided this week..

      Which too me would indicate all the Allies we're *duped* into financing an AirCraft solely for the purposes of the U.S of A Marine Corps.!

      Yup, the United States of America, lied to there electorate & allies was only pursueing the vertical lift realities of this aircraft.

      Sky also showed me a very impressive cutting-edge unmanned air interceptor! which is currently being developed.

      Games of hearts and minds. i think its time for people to no longer watch the current but see the current as geometries of movement/influence/gravity which pushes and pulls emotions than thoughts inceptions!
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      michaelin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      Florian, so the gaming companies join the ranks of the mil ind sector.

      Remembering too that the money which can be made in spare parts.

      Here's an image; think of your local car wreckers when they eventually start having the F-35 dumped at their gates! :)
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