15:49 GMT +324 February 2017
    US Predator drone

    US to Deploy Newest Missile Attack Drones in South Korea

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    The United States intends to deploy in South Korea the newest MQ-1C Gray Eagle drones, that can not only conduct reconnaissance flights, but also missile attacks, a South Korean news outlet reported Wednesday.

    TOKYO (Sputnik) — According to the Chosun Ilbo, citing a US military source, deployment of Gray Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), that are superior in combat characteristics to drones used in Iraq and Afghanistan, is scheduled for July. Equipped with night vision cameras, they can make flights lasting up to 30 hours, and are designed to monitor the areas along the demilitarized zone separating South and North Korea.

    With the new drones the US and South Korean armed forces will be able to strike helicopters, as well as enemy's tank within distance of about 4,9 miles. For that purpose, each vehicle is equipped with four anti-tank missiles "Hellfire", four glide bombs GBU-44/B, and also can be equipped with air-to-air missiles "Stringer," according to the source.

    The United States began a new strategic deployment of weapons in South Korea, following a hydrogen bomb test announced earlier in the month by Pyongyang.

    The United States has already deployed a B-52 strategic bomber capable of carrying nuclear cruise missiles and up to 31 metric tons of bombs to South Korea.

    On January 6, Pyongyang claimed it had carried out its first hydrogen bomb test, triggering condemnation from the international community which denounced the test as provocative and undermining stability in the region.


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      hmmm...an attack drone for recon purposes. Makes sense..:)
    • avatar
      This will provoke NK more. And even will FORCE it to seek nuclear weapons faster.
      VERY ignorant indeed.
      U.S always looking to make a BUCK, creates instability in the world. Best to leave them with sticks until they talk.
      Looks what U.S done to Palestine. That people were in pece and just minding their business, until west came with the dumbest idea, that have a whole GENOCIDE going on, covered as terrorism. Really?
      Like Palestinians went BULDOZING, Israel.
    • avatar
      I wonder, how much countries will pay, when the first Comes down on NK territory.
      Years of R&D will change hands.
    • avatar
      This exactly the type of actions that worsen the situation and contribute to the ongoing tensions between the parties. The United States continues it's aggressive and interventionist policies while asking the international community to punish the victim of this aggression and ignore the misdeeds of the aggressor. For any country to condone this US trouble making and punish one side without placing sanction on the South is uncomprehensable.
    • Porkbelly Porkerpig
      Cool! A model airplane contest between North and South Korea over the DMZ?
      They should turn it into a Casino Gambling event. Start the mechanical dogfights!
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