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    A Russian Sukhoi T-50 jet fighter performs during the MAKS-2015, the International Aviation and Space Show, in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow, on August 25, 2015

    Fit For a King: Russian PAK FA Dazzles at Bahrain International Airshow

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    The King of Bahrain visited the hangars of various foreign companies during the Bahrain International Airshow-2016, including hangars of ‘Sukhoi’, ‘Rosoboronexport’ and holding ‘Helicopters of Russia’.

    King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has expressed interest in Russia’s multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation ‘Sukhoi’ T-50 (PAK FA). The start of serial production of an export version is scheduled for 2020.

    The king also showed interest in Russia's helicopters, such as the Ka-226T, Ansat, Ka-32A11BC and Mi-171A2, according to a source in the Russian delegation.

    The T-50 is a prototype aircraft designed by Sukhoi for Russia's Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation (PAK FA) program.

    The T-50 fighter was first seen in January 2010 when it was presented at the air show MAKS-2011. The fighter jet is expected to join the Air Force of the Russian Federation in 2016.

    Mass production of Russia’s Sukhoi T-50 fifth-generation fighter jets will begin in 2017, Aerospace Forces Commander Col.Gen. Viktor Bondarev said Saturday.

    “I am 100 percent sure that we will finish joint state tests this year. This aircraft should be batch produced the following year,” Bondarev told reporters.

    The commander further added that he recently visited Komsomolsk-on-Amur to see the company’s work. “Today, the 11th and last of the T-50 series is 60-70 percent ready.”

    The T-50, equipped with advanced avionics and all-digital flight systems, will become the first operational stealth aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

    The Bahrain International Airshow-2016 took place in Bahrain on January 21-23. Delegations of Russia's United Aircraft Corporation and Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation also took part in the airshow.

    PAK FA (Advanced Tactical Air Sistem) T-50
    © Sputnik/
    PAK FA (Advanced Tactical Air Sistem) T-50


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      Through greed and arrogance the terrorist American government has lost its superiority in military arms. The Americans must cry when they see the superior and far less expensive Russian and Chinese weapons.
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      It is time to put those jets on testing phase over Syria. Or Russia kind of fear that they might be shot down! Test them to gain some real exprience.
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      They could get SU 35S meanwhile. MIG should bring out the MIG 35 already. Is taking FOREVER.
      MIG 35 could be a serious companion for T50. and more so if MIG decides to add engines capable of M 2.9....Those speeds will get the MIG 35 to run LOOPS around adversaries. Why the importance, it could move fast and engage enemies, even without missiles. It should come with laser. For when possible to use.
      But it will open a market that will flourish withing Rus aviation. It will gain more interest in the innovation and R&D sectors. Russia doesn't need MASSIVE loans for that.. Unlike west.
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      Jackov Smirnoff
      Tucano piston trainers and YAK-130 light attack aircraft are enough to bomb militants.
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      teddy j, agreed. :)
    • Is it because I am black?
      What a fascinating air show! And what an opportunity! Russia's business is business!
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      Ivan Zadorozhny
      I am sure it beats the competition.
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