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    China's Long March 2-D carrier rocket carrying a Chinese-made satellite takes off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China's Gansu Province Monday, Nov. 3, 2003

    The Force Awakens: China Readies for Space Warfare

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    The Chinese military is undergoing a gradual shift to cyber and space warfare, and the move is more visible now as a new command structure has been created.

    After testing an anti-satellite weapon last fall, China moved one step forward in its preparations for future warfare, with the emergence of a  brand-new Space Force, as reported by Washington Times.

    In the event of an armed conflict, the Chinese military expects to use a combination of kinetic, electronic and cyber-attacks against satellites and ground support structures, the Times described earlier.

    The Space Force will be an integral part of the new Strategic Support Forces, to include not only space warfare units, but also Chinese nuclear forces as well as electronic- and cyber-warfare troops, and signals intelligence units, Bowen Press reported in December.

    ​The rapid shift in the line of military command in China signifies a strategic shift to rely on up-to-date means of warfare.

    Control over low Earth orbits are the main task of the emerging Space Force, which aim “to achieve control of low earth orbit in order to defeat the United States on Earth,” according to Rick Fisher, a China expert, who commented to the Times on the issue.

    The Chinese are currently developing two direct-ascent missiles, capable of hitting satellites in both lower and higher orbits, the Times reported.
    Along with the missile units, the Space Force will include electronic warfare troops.

    China conducted a test in October of a new missile capable of destroying US satellites. The Dong Neng-3 exoatmospheric vehicle test is the eighth anti-satellite missile test China has conducted, according to a US congressional report.


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      Russia should be saying... " WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?"
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      thankyou america ...for accelerating the arms race...
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      tony p
      Reagan tried and failed so there should be no complaints from the US.
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      The Next World War will be the last. So why not China and Russia deploy their best and most lethal weapons of mass destruction to destroy the Axis of Evil ->America, the UK, Turkey, Israel and Japan totally. Then if the world survives the nuclear blasts, there will be Peace of Earth.
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      in reply toMatthewbleu2(Show commentHide comment)
      Matthewbleu2, hey man, great words of wisdom. Can you post your address details so when the coordinates for a nuclear blast are set they know where to aim? It's not a biggie is it?
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      708bba9din reply toMatthewbleu2(Show commentHide comment)
      Matthewbleu2, If only it were that simple, lol
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      Matthewbleu2in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, Try this address : No 1 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC.
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      Matthewbleu2in reply to708bba9d(Show commentHide comment)
      708bba9d, President X i pledged that a rich China will never humiliate a poor nation, unlike the US and a powerful China will never bully a weak nation, again, unlike what the US did to Vietnam. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Grenada and Syria, using US made Al Qaeda and Al Nusra, ISIS, ISIL, etc. The US is the member of the new Axis of Evil.


      China has sent men and a woman into space and an explorer to the Moon. She is a nuclear power and has tested for the 6th times a Hypersonic nuclear bomber that can fly at 10 times the speed of sound and can target 8 cities, which the US has no defense.

      Gen MacArthur once warned that the US must never fight a land war in China because US troops will be annihilated by 50 million Chinese troops and militia forces with no mercy.

      All 11 US carrier groups, with over 500 ships will be sunk by EMP bursts over them 250 nm away as soon as the US starts WW3 and all the American GPS will be incinerated by ASATs.

      Then the Hypersonic bombers will totally destroy Washington DC, NY, LA, SF, SD, Anapolis, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, all the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and all the crop lands in Ohio and cause earthquakes with hydrogen bombs dropping on the San Andreas and The New Madrid Faults, as well as violent explosion from the Super Volcano of Mt Helen, spilling super hot pyroplastic gas flows to incinerate a large part of north west and south west USA.

      The US will be split into two by a swollen Mississippi river from the Gulf to the Great Lake when the New Madrid Fault breaks apart.

      Many huge 200 ft tsunamis with hit the East & West coasts of America when Russian and Chinese Drone Subs laden with hydrogen bombs detonate a hundred miles from the coasts. America will be a wasteland of melted glass.

      Then China and Russia will destroy the UK, Turkey, Israel and Japan for good.

      Peace is a better option and WW3 is MAD, Mutual Assured Destruction.
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      Oh, well, then it is much cheaper to drop a powerful one on Yellowstone reactivate the super volcano and once it erupts we are all stuffed. Hows that? Have a big surfin' board as it is going to create a perfect one to ride it.
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      708bba9din reply toMatthewbleu2(Show commentHide comment)
      Matthewbleu2, I agree with the theory, but you tell me when the last time was anything turned out to plan. Shit happens, whether good or bad, out of our control, where one turns and says "where the duck did that come from", lol
    • ariavdin reply toMatthewbleu2(Show commentHide comment)
      Matthewbleu2, China just told the philippines to leave their sprattys and go home?
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      Matthewbleu2in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, That will the last ride to Hell. I opt for Peace. Trump, if he becomes the next US President, will, I hope, use his great business and negotiation skills to bring peace back to Planet Earth. But first he has to nationalize the FED as it is as federal as Federal Express. The FED is robbing Americans blind and will print the US dollar to infinity, since a crooked US President signed the Federal Reserve Act into law in 1913 and regretted what he did:

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      Matthewbleu2in reply toariavd(Show commentHide comment)
      ariavd, The Spratly islands were returned to China by a WW2 defeated Japan in 1952, under the Treaty of Peace. In 1978 the crooked President Marcos annexed 8 islands in the Spratlys by issuing a presidential decree. But the Philippines is a small fry and an irritant. Not worth swatting it.
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      Matthewbleu2in reply to708bba9d(Show commentHide comment)
      708bba9d, You are right because when WW3 starts all war plans will go haywire. Both sides will suffer enormous losses. The US will lose about 250 million dead and will have 67 million people left but will have no more infrastructures or oil rigs and food producing land left. Food must be grown underground. Winter will wipe out another a few million poor Americans.

      China will lose about 600 million dead but will have 800 million people left . Food will be grown underground using LED lights. Water will come from snow melted at Mt Everest and the Tibetan mountains and piped to the cities. Many millions will also die of starvation and from the winter chills.

      Japan will no longer be a livable place when all its 52 nuclear plants and 4,500 tons of Plutonium are blown apart, contaminating the whole country.

      Russia will also flatten the US, UK, Turkey and the EU. Peace will reign on Planet Earth but the greatest threat is a Nuclear Winter which will kill all plants on the surface of the earth (except those in large green houses under LED lights) and all the plankton and by extension all fish in the sea. Fresh water fish can be grown underground using aquaculture technology.

      But Peace is a better option than WW3.
    • ariavdin reply toMatthewbleu2(Show commentHide comment)
      Matthewbleu2, Ok,I din not know that, ,Iam a norwegian ,living in the philippines, reading philippine papers.I know that if the world want to get rid of imf and us dominance in the world, we must count on china. The hope is they stop harvesting and destroy reefs and wildlife .You to know the barbaric customs there.And ofcourse philippinos also have no clue what damage they have done to forest and shores here. Now it is allmost to late to restore things here.and education is a joke.Thanks to marcos and the gang.
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      in reply toMatthewbleu2(Show commentHide comment)
      Matthewbleu2, Sorry but I have no hope in any of the US political horses (and the mare) and cannot pick a single one that would be half decent in my opinion. Trump is a true Donald (Duck).
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