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    A rebel fighter fires a heavy machine gun during clashes with government forces and pro-regime shabiha militiamen in the outskirts of Syria's northwestern Idlib province on September 18, 2015

    West Realized Need for Ceasefire in Syria as 'Rebels Lose Ground'

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    The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted the resolution aimed at stopping the Syrian civil war. Radio Sputnik discussed the latest UN resolution on Syria with Damascus-based political analyst and journalist Iyad Khuder.

    “It is remarkable that Western leaders only remember the term ceasefire when their rebels on the ground are losing. Why haven’t they remembered the need to settle peace before the Russian operation had started in Syria?” Khuder told Radio Sputnik.

    He went on to say that when these rebels were attacking and killing people and occupying villages, Kerry and Ban Ki Moon were not worried. It is a sign of weakness for the rebels and regarding the suggested ideas in the resolution to stop attacking civilians, Syrians know very well what it actually means.

    “As a journalist working on the ground in Syria I know how it works. These rebels have a strategy which is to occupy and invade peaceful villages. They take village people as hostages. These civilians are literally used as human shields. The Syrian Army is too patient to make any operation in order to avoid losses and casualties. This is how they are using civilians,” the analyst added.

    Regarding the resolution, Khuder said that people in Syria do not count a lot on these resolutions and talks.

    According to the journalist Western powers, mainly the US, keep repeating the rhetoric that Assad must go, hence, this resolution talk makes it look void and lacking value because Syrian president has enough majorities to be re-elected and that’s why the US avoids talking about the elections.

    “Syrians are wondering what democracy is. Isn’t it free elections? How can the West decide that Assad shouldn’t be there?” the journalist asked.

    Regarding the Syrian people’s opinion on Russian President Vladimir Putin, Khuder said that, “Syrians have absolute confidence in the Russian President. Putin is very loved here in Syrian streets and Syrians even call him Abu Ali Putin.”

    The reason why Syrians respect the Russian leader is because he says that it is the Syrian people who must decide who their president should be. According to the journalist, Russia has never said that Assad should remain president. Russia has stood by Arab rights and it is not a colonizing power. That is why Syrians respect Russia’s attitude.

    Coming back to the fact that different members of the UN resolution have different opinions about the future of Syrian President Bashar Assad, the journalist said, “I think they have to consider the Syrian people’s voice because of the reality on the ground. The progress and success of the Russian and Syrian cooperation will make others listen.”


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