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    Smetlivy anti-submarine ship

    Russian Frigate Uses Firearms to Prevent Collision With Turkish Vessel

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    The crew of the Russian "Smetlivy" destroyer was forced to use firearms on Sunday to prevent a collision with a Turkish seiner vessel in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, according to Russia's Ministry of Defense.

    "On the 13 December 2015 the crew of the Russian patrol ship "Smetlivy" prevented a collision with a Turkish seiner vessel 22 kilometers [13.6 miles] from the Greek island of Limnos in the northern part of the Aegean Sea,"  Russia's Defense Ministry statement reads.

    The destoyer's morning crew spotted an approaching Turkish ship at a distance of approximately one kilometer (0.6 miles). The seiner did not get on the air for radio contact with the Russian ship and did not respond to signal lamps or flairs.

    Upon the Turkish seiner's dangerously close approach to the anchored "Smetlivy" at a distance of 600 meters (656 yards), the Russian partol ship fired a shot beyond the hitting range of the fireamrs to avoid collision.

    According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Turkish vessel immediately changed its course and, without contacting the Russian crew, kept moving by the "Smetlivy" destroyer at a distance of 540 meters (590 yards).

    Military attaché at the Turkish embassy in Moscow urgently invited to the Russian Ministry of Defence in connection with…

    Posted by Минобороны России on Sunday, 13 December 2015

    Following the incident, a military attache at Turkish embassy in Moscow has been urgently summoned to the Russian Defense Ministry by Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

    The incident comes amid Russian-Turkish tensions following the downing of a Russian Su-24 bomber by the Turkish Air Force over Syria on November 24.

    Ankara claimed that the aircraft had violated its airspace, however, Russian defense officials provided evidence that the aircraft had not crossed into Turkey. The pilot, who survived the crash, also confirmed that the alleged violation did not take place. Moreover, the crew, according to the pilot, did not receive any warning prior to the attack.


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      The order is clear: DESTROY ANY THREAT ! ON AIR, ON LAND, OR SEA.
      Those back stabbers will not get away with tomatoes !!!
    • Blackie
      I did predict they would hit a ship next.
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      If the Russians answer and fire back at the Turks, what are the chances that NATO will indeed jump in to help?
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      The difference maker; you are compelled to answer a threat with a threat. In the larger picture this week, we have the insipid leadership of the American-instilled puppet government of Iraq begging and pleading with Turkey to removes their asses when force, not diplomacy, is called for. Anyone miss Saddam?
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      ivanwa88, "a rogue element"? They are flying the colors of Turkey.
    • Drain the swamp
      Just like the tatar slav traders were returned to Central Asia from their base in Crimea, it is the destiny of Russia to return the customers of the tatars, the turkic uighers BACK to Central Asia. CONSTANTINOPLE will be free when these fake muslims and their donmeh khazar partners are destroyed.
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      Manuel Flores
      its a matter of time that Russia will revenge the death of 2 service men and the lost plane...the question is How or when?...its obviusly that Russia has tested weapons vs terrorist...but now will test another kind of weapons vs Turkey!..P-800/700/500.antiship misile?..or S-300/400 surface to air?...Su-30 vs F-16?...I bet on Skual torpedoe vs Turkish ship!...place your bets!!
    • in reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, erdogan should be the wake up call to see him as he is : a fake muslim with his sect the muslim brotherhood which is just the political branch of wahabbism and therefore under cia control.
    • Drain the swampin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, Thank you for connecting the dots, once again thank you !
    • avatar
      I'm not sure what weapon they fired at the Turkish ship that didn't travel half a mile, lol. Maybe ping pong ball. Shots across the bow with tracer rounds is a more likely outcome. The captain of the Turkish ship was hearing and probably seeing rounds whizzing past his window.
    • Turkey are only behaving this arrogantly because they think the US will rescue them if they take it too far. I'm not so sure the US will do too much to defend an Islamic state. They usually end up bombing them.
    • avatar
      Russia should deploy more vessels along their routes but not surface vessels
      instead more submarines just in case of a worst scenario russia has the options
      to hit potencial targets of turkey !
      those corrupt-national-facists are walking on very thin ice
      time to increase the naval presence along the routes
    • grigorematveev11
      Ştefan cel Mare or Stephen III of Moldavia, was a Moldovan prince who ruled between 1457 and 1504. He became famous throughout Europe because of the resistance offered to the enlargement of the Ottoman Empire.

      Of the 47-year reign Stephen waged war with the Turks within 10 years (1474-1484) and after 1484 permanently lost cities of Kilia and Akkerman and returned to pay tribute.

      Mehmed the Conqueror did not want to leave unpunished mixture Stephen the Great's reign in the affairs of the Romanian Country. Therefore in the winter of 1474 sent to Moldova on Beylerbeyi hadam Suleiman Pasha (Hadine Süleyman Paşa), with 120,000 people, with a mission to destroy them obey the Lord and his army. Stephen Vaslui organize their camp in front of a place called High Bridge and the day of January 10, 1475, before dawn, shook suddenly attack. Turkish army crumble in confusion. Place marshy mist, knowing the terrain, turbulence Turks, who vanished. After their expulsion, Stephen sent a letter in Latin to all Christian princes of Europe, proclaiming them great success and asking them to support future attempts. But besides greeting from the Pope and the Venetian Republic, aid does not come from nowhere.

      Mehmed II the Turkish army took control, heading toward Siret Suceava Valley, and from dawn Dniester Tatars divisions. In the woods of White Valley or Războieni Turks powers Moldovans covârşiră the evening of July 26 1476. Muhammad attacking cities Suceava, Neamt and Hotin, but they could not conquer. Upon learning that Stephen is preparing a new war, Hungarians and Poles that approaches the Moldovan borders with an army, seeing that food is shrinking and diseases that arise among soldiers, Mehmed the Conqueror decided to withdraw. He harassed divisions leave Moldova Stephen.
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      The Red Queen
      Turkey thinks its a superpower.
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      Wow, 23,000 views on Sputnik for a sparrow's fart! So the Turks sent a fishing boat to stick its tongue out at a frigate, and the frigate sent some guys on deck for target practice on the fishing boat. Big freaking deal.
    • Воин Света
      A provocation exercise by Turkey, pure and simple.
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      Ivan Zadorozhny
      The Turks keep trying Russia's patience.
    • Robert Moore
      Turkey is like the dumb kid who keeps hitting your bumper car at the carnival. Bystanders are just waiting for you to lose your cool... If you anything... Well you don't; you just don't! Instead, you beat up the kid's father... Hahaha
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      Turkey must stop supporting ISIS. It should be suspended from NATO till then.
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      Ivan Zadorozhny
      And then the Turks played stupid.
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