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    Anti-aircraft missile system S-400 during combat duty to ensure the safety of the Russian air group in Syria

    Erdogan's Twisted Logic: S-400 Must Not Shoot Down Turkish Jets Over Syria

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    Russian Su-24 Jet Downed Over Syria (274)

    In what is a prime example of twisted logic, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Russia against using its ultra-modern S-400 air defense system to shoot down Turkish fighter jets if they violate Syrian airspace just days after Ankara brought down a Russian Su-24 bomber.

    Downing a Turkish warplane over Syrian territory would qualify as aggression, Erdogan told CNN in response to a question on what would happen if a Turkish fighter jet were to stray into Syrian territory.

    "This kind of an incident which may happen of course will further push us to take measures. … Of course it will be an aggression against our rights of sovereignty and it is a natural right of [Turkey] to protect those rights," Erdogan said.

    On Tuesday, a Turkish F-16 shot down the Su-24, claiming that the aircraft violated its airspace. Russian officials and the Su-24 pilot, who survived the crash, insist that the plane did not cross into Turkey. The crew, according to the pilot, did not receive any warning prior to the attack.

    The Su-24 was involved in Russia's counterterrorism efforts in Syria aimed at assisting Damascus in its fight against ISIL and other extremist groups trying to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.

    Erdogan refused to apologize for the incident, which Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to as a "stab in the back" committed by "accomplices of terrorists."

    ​In the wake of the Su-24 crash, Russian defense officials decided to send the S-400 system to prevent similar incidents from happening.

    Russian Su-24 Jet Downed Over Syria (274)


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      Opening of hunt! you have the right no more than 5 planes Turkish by pilot. it is a kind to protect species . Good hunt
    • Keep talking erdogan....If your jets are over Syria so it'll beshoot down becaus it's a violation....since you're so keen to use that word!
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      Manuel Flores
      i think sooner or later Russia will shoot down a couple of F-16 of the same escuadron as one of them shoot at Russian SU-24!..a couple of F-16 in revenge of two Russian servicemen killed by terrorist!..surely far from borders as S-400 can hit over 250 miles!
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      Thank you Mr Erdogan for helping Slavic reunification in Balkans. I couldn't be happier to see brothers in Bulgaria laying down the flowers in front of Russian embassy. I couldn't be happier to see brothers in former Yugoslavian countries protesting against your deluded government. It has been taking us almost 2 decades to realize that USA is doing everything in its power to suppress Slavs, and this could not be a better demonstration of its evil plans.
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      I just don't get it how on Earth Turkish people which I deeply respect and consider a great people can keep that piece of junk garbage on power. I understand that recently Erdogan axed over 500 top military officials and installed islamists instead. That is to my understanding done with only one purpose to subdue secular army and change it in to Islamic military force which will do all he requests in the name of religion.

      Now that psychopath is walking around and giving ever so contradicting informations and statements. Now he is very much looking like Poroshenko who last year had fantasies that over 200.000 Russian troops are fighting against their useless and worthless Nazi heroes. Hope he can see today what would look like if Russia would enter in a war against such garbage as Ukrainian Nazi troops are. It would not surprise me the least if all of a sudden Erdogan and Poroshenko would declare eternal friendship and forever love as they share few things beside having Russia for arch enemy they are equally psychiatric cases and need lock up in high security mental institution.

      Proud Turks, stand up and bring down that corrupt and mentally ill person and all his Islamists who are filling his empty head with all these garbage that will cost you dearly for a very long time to come.
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      Erdogan threatens on behalf of "interests" more powerful than he....hardly small time hustlers Exxon, BP and up the line...the picture is bigger thats why it makes no sense when you dont look deeper.....all interconnected
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      Jetsin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      " ....and need lock up in high security mental institution."

      No, he will poison everyone over there with his insane ideas. Just shoot him, just like others do when a dog has rabies!
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      Syria is now a no-fly zone for Turkey?
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      The more he barks the sooner he will leave the office. There are more and more people in EU who are demanding discontinuation of the Turkish membership in NATO.
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      Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the misnamed Liberal Democratic party, pointed out how easy it would be to destroy Istanbul. “You just chuck one nuclear bomb into the straits, and there’d be a huge flood. The water would rise by 10-15 metres and the whole city would disappear,”
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      Elsa JVin reply toJPH(Show commentHide comment)
      JPH, Yes it is, Turkey just lost his right to cross the Syrian border.
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      Elsa JV
      Amazing the arrogance and entitlement of Erdogan -- "prime example of twisted logic . . . warned Russia against using its ultra-modern S-400 air defense system to shoot down Turkish fighter jets"

      Or what? What will Erdogan do? Erdogan played the only card -- friendship -- he had and bet on the wrong horse. Erdogan does not know what real aggression looks like, he will find out in the days and weeks to come.

      May God be with President Putin and his brave service men.
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      Anas Drak
      This kind of twisted logic is very convenient for Turkey's ambition of reviving the empire of the past but equally dangerous and insane for the rest of the world.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Turkey is just a puppet for the powers that be. they will continue to arm Isis and support the Sunnis. Putin knows how the game is played and he will not bow down to anyone. He will protect Syria and his interests in the region. One thing is for sure. This is all about the control of oil !!!!!!! I am curious who will control the Golan Heights in Syria ??? It has the largest oil reserve in the world ............!
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      Tactical Investor in reply toAnas Drak(Show commentHide comment)
      Anas Drak,
      Their empire was history and Erdogan is on a good way to make Turkey a history as well
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      Assad should announce a no-fly zone over Syria and ask Russia to enforce it.
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      in reply tosophm0e38(Show commentHide comment)
      sophm0e38, more like part of the Middle Ages.
    • avatar
      Pathetic childish behavior. He pokes his sandpit buddy in the eye with his spade then cries once he's been found out. That friends is the emotional maturity of your average garden variety psychopath. The Turks rely heavily on NATO and the US however, it is quite clear from the last Senate Armed Services Committee Hearings that the US has no ME strategy anymore. This was even before the psycho shot down the SU 24 and murdered their pilot. This will greatly upset the rest of the sandpit kids as the S 400 is now patrolling the Syrian skies and woe be it to any fool who oversteps the mark. Russia has exceeded in diplomatic behavior and has demonstrated exemplary leadership. The world is behind Russia. As for the sandpit kids well time to give them a bloody good belting and smack around. The US can't afford to lose any aircraft at all. Their failed F-35's are a laughing stock and as for the outdated rest of them - no contest. The next Senate Armed Serviced Committee Hearing should be mighty interesting indeed.
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      Eudoxiain reply toAnas Drak(Show commentHide comment)
      Anas Drak, Turkey without support is a toothless Tiger. The US/NATO alliance is a toothless Tiger with no strategy. Their strategy has failed. Russia has thrown a huge spanner in the Zioworks. Erdogan is a despotic dictator and will go down in history as such. I can see a major historic redaction coming very soon.
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      Tactical Investor
      Insane Erdogan is a name that is not going to go away soon. This guy really operates on another planet or dimension
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