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    New Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber officially entered service with Russia' Air Force

    Why Russia Sent Long-Range Bombers to Crush ISIL in Syria

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    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)

    November 17, 2015, will go down in history of the Russian Armed Forces as the day when Moscow sent its strategic bombers into combat for the first time in the 21st century.

    Following a terrorist act which brought down a Kogalymavia Airbus A321 passenger airliner, claiming the lives of all 224 people on board, Russia pledged to boost its counterterrorism efforts in Syria. The country deployed 25 long- and medium range bombers, including the Tupolev Tu-95 (Bear), the Tupolev Tu-160 (Blackjack) and Tupolev Tu-22 (Blinder), as well as eight Sukhoi Su-34 strike fighters.

    These aircraft were sent on a mission to launch massive airstrikes in the provinces of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. A total of 34 cruise missiles destroyed 14 key ISIL targets on November 17. Overall, strategic bombers significantly boost fighting efficiency.

    Russian forces have become markedly more active in Syria – they conducted 127 sorties hitting 206 terrorist targets on the first day of the new phase of the counterterrorism operation. In the coming days, Russian forces will have conducted over 2500 sorties since the operation was launched on September 30.

    "Russian fighter jets and strike aircraft based in Latakia have become more efficient in their fight against terrorists," TV Channel Zvezda reported. "Since Russian strategic bombers launched airstrikes against ISIL targets, flight intensity of jet fighters and strike fighters [in Syria] has increased dramatically."

    A Russian Tupolev 160 long-range bomber launches a massive air strike on the Islamic State infrastructure in Syria
    © Photo: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
    Russia seems to be determined to use the best weapons at its disposal in the fight against the self-styled Islamic State, a brutal group which took responsibility for the Flight 9268 crash, as well as the night of terror in Paris on November 13 and deadly bombings in Beirut two days earlier. 

    On Tuesday, experts spotted a new long-range cruise missile on one of the strategic bombers sent to strike ISIL targets in Syria. It is believed to be the brand new Raduga Kh-101. Earlier in October, Russia's Caspian Fleet made history by launching Kalibr cruise missiles to hit targets in Syria.

    Russia has been engaged in counterterrorism efforts in Syria following a formal request from President Bashar al-Assad. In addition, Moscow has been active in trying to create a major coalition to fight ISIL. Earlier this week, Vladimir Putin and French President Francois Hollande agreed to coordinate military activities in Syria.

    Russian air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria
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    Russian air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria
    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)


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      The Pentagon has gone silent since the Tu22, Tu160, and Tu95 deployments. What propaganda angle will they take later this week?
    • avatar
      The USA can show in Holly Wood movies how to fight in a air war nice effect's. But Russia show's ISIL we are talking real fighting not bla bla. Russia has real leaders !!! God bles Russia !!
    • Mikhas
      Russia is always two steps ahead of their western "partners" (fascists). Sending in long ranged bombers and even the dreaded TU-160 and the Bear bomber, might seem a little bit too excessive but like the Kalibr cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea it´s necessary for the cold war ziocons behind Obongo to realize that Russia means business.

      Obongo was instructed to seize the opportunity in France and to call Hollande right in the middle of the terror attack, presumably, and according to the ziocon mantra "not let a good crisis go to waste", to use it as a pre-text to invade, at least the northern parts of Syria in a Libya 2.0 fashion. What stuns the US fascists is not only Russia´s staunch commitment to stand by an ally but also Russia´s ability to amass such forces on a short notice, whether it is as a response to NATO sabre rattling in the Baltics or relatively far away as in Syria or gigantic snap-drill´s every three month´s or so. Indeed Washington is not only silent but in total disarray on what to do, this was the third attempt to finish off Syria.
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      Stephen in reply toMikhas (Show commentHide comment)
      ye, from what i have been reading most western military analysts were still using the Russo-Georgian War as their reference for Russian capabilities.

      The speed and efficiency that Russia mobilised has caused the west to rethink their stance and the difference between this years G20 and late years goes a long way to proving it. They know now that they can't bully or intimidate and they can no longer imagine that Russia is far away and stuck at home
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      About time that something is done about Isil..way to go Russia!!
    • Syden A D
      All the best for russia
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