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    Paris Terror Attacks Result of Colossal Failure by European Intel Agencies

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    Terrorist Attacks in Paris (254)

    Commenting on the terror attacks which struck Paris on Friday, Russian counterterrorism expert Yuri Sapunov warned that the fact that the attacks took place almost simultaneously across multiple locations means that they were thoroughly planned out, thus indicating a colossal failure on the part of both French and European security services.

    On Friday night, a series of near-simultaneous terror attacks struck across multiple venues in Paris, killing at least 128 people and wounding over 300 more via six mass shootings and three separate suicide bombings.

    In an interview for RIA Novosti, Sapunov, the former head of the FSB's counter-terrorism division, noted that the fact that the attacks took place almost simultaneously across multiple locations indicates that they were thoroughly prepared for by a "well-trained terrorist underground." 

    The fact that the terrorists were able to take the time to carefully plan out their attacks, in the expert's view, demonstrates "a colossal failure on the part of the French and European intelligence services. Europe had boasted about the existence of a European system of security. Well, where is it?" Sapunov asked.

    On Saturday, President Francois Hollande confirmed that ISIL was believed to be responsible for the deadly attacks.

    Sapunov suggested that ISIL's involvement demonstrates the inefficiency of Europe's counterterrorism efforts, citing the apparent lack of coordination and effective information exchange.

    In the midst of the ongoing refugee crisis which has afflicted Europe over the past months, the FSB expert noted that European officials appear to have overlooked "appropriate preventative measures" to subject refugees to effective screening, especially inside the countries which serve as the entry points through which refugees and migrants arrive on the continent.

    According to the expert, it is now necessary to unite anti-terrorist efforts on a global scale. Russian specialists and veterans in the counterterrorism field, in his words, can help tremendously with their many years of expertise in fighting the scourge of terrorism. "We need to mobilize," Sapunov summarized.

    Terrorist Attacks in Paris (254)


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