19:14 GMT28 February 2020
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    US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced on Tuesday that Washington is ready to conduct ground operations against ISIL in the Middle East.

    The announcement was made in an address to the Senate Armed Forces Committee.

    Carter added that the Pentagon would step up its military efforts in Iraq with ramped-up airstrikes and support for Iraqi forces besieging Ramadi.

    In response to Carter’s announcement, Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, stressed that Moscow was waiting for more details on the US’ plans.

    Hawks in Washington have long called for a more aggressive stance on Syria, after the US’ failure to train and equip so-called “moderate” rebels. However, President Obama insisted that he had no intention to put American boots on the ground.

    Paul Craig Roberts, a Reagan Administration Official and Economist based in Florida, spoke to Sputnik in an exclusive interview regarding this announcement.

    “I think that Carter is referring to a rescue operation by Special Forces. I don’t think the world will stand for another illegal US invasion so for the US to send another army into Syria would be another illegal invasion and I don’t think that it will likely happen.”

    He also said that he doesn’t think the US will send another army as it would be a war crime. Europe won’t support it as it is being overrun by millions of refugees by Washington’s war. “Many thinking people in Europe are very pleased that the Russians are stopping the combat that ISIL brought to Syria and they are hoping that it will stem the refugee flow into Europe.”

    But talking about the US government, Roberts said, “Washington is frightened that their puppet government in Iraq will ask the Russians to combat ISIL in Iraq because the Americans are doing such a poor job and that would exclude the US from the operation should Iraq ask Russia to help like Syria asked.”

    Roberts also said that Washington feels frustrated that it was unable to overthrow Assad and they are frustrated at the success of the Russian operation against ISIL in Syria.

    “The success of the Russian operation in Syria against ISIL is striking compared to the failure of the Americans in Iraq. Their feelings are hurt and they think they have failed to protect their puppet government in Iraq.”

    He further spoke about the future of ISIL in Syria and shared his thoughts about whether Russia will be successful in conquering ISIL militants in Syria.

    “ISIL’s operation has been completely dismantled by the Russian Air Force. They will be defeated as 'conquering military force' but they may persist as a terror organization as long as the US and Saudi Arabia continue to fund them,” Roberts said.


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