13:31 GMT +323 March 2017
    Russia carries out air strikes on ISIS positions in Syria

    Russian Airstrikes in Syria Targeted 'NATO Created Mercenaries'

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    Russia started its air campaign against ISIL in Syria, following a request for assistance from Damascus in the fight against terrorism.

    Soon after the first Russian strikes in Syria some media outlets were quick to come up with reports claiming that the Moscow-led campaign already resulted in civilian deaths.

    Meanwhile, the Kremlin refuted the rumors of Russian airstrikes hitting non-terrorist infrastructure in Syria as groundless, emphasizing that there has been no verified information of such activity.

    Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konoshenkov told reporters on Wednesday that Moscow had carried out 20 airstrikes solely against the Islamic State on the first day of its air campaign. He also underlined that the Russian jets did not hit any civilian infrastructure or areas nearby – as was alleged earlier by some media.

    Professor Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Canadian Centre for Research on Globalization, spoke to Sputnik in an exclusive interview about how Russia is helping Syria in the fight against the US-supported terror groups in Syria.

    “First of all it is important to underline the fact that all these terrorist organizations are supported by US intelligence. In fact the mainstream media now has acknowledged that these rebels are supported by the CIA. The Wall Street Journal says Russian airstrikes in Syria targeted CIA-backed rebels.”

    “These rebels are terrorists including the al-Nusra Front. What I think is at stake here is that the Russian air force is now waging targeted attacks directed against al-Nusra in coordination with the Syrian government and what the US is saying is that in a way Russia is going after America’s good-guy terrorists rather than the bad-guy terrorist. They are making a distinction between ISIL and other terrorist organizations, all of which are covertly supported by the US,” Chossudovsky told Sputnik.

    He went on to say that Russia is targeting the foot soldiers of the western military alliance, “Basically the mercenaries that have been recruited right from the beginning by NATO, the Turkish High Command with the complicity of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel.”

    Chossudovsky reminded that in early 2012 Washington categorized al-Nusra as a terrorist organization but now it is supporting al-Nusra front officially.

    “Western media is contradicting itself but it is also acknowledging candidly that the CIA is supporting the al-Qaeda affiliated groups inside Syria.”

    Talking about the Russian airstrikes in Syria, the expert said, “It is ironic that the United States and its allies including Britain, France and Canada have been bombing Syria and Iraq for over a year and we are talking about several thousand strikes and there is ample evidence, not from Western media, that these strikes were not directed towards the terrorist targets but were directed towards civilian infrastructure.”

    He said that Russia is involved in a very precise bombing exercise rather than carpet bombing the country as United States has done, the media is now accusing them of targeting civilians. It is a double discourse with no proof of it.

    Chussudovsky added that the US has been bombing Syria without the authority of the sovereign government and in violation of international law.


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    • Terra
      Russian Airstrikes in Syria Targeted 'nato Created Mercenaries

      Very nice indeed to read this, no wonder the west is so mad and going bananas with all the media crap trying to discreet Russian strikes.
      Go Russia, keep at it!!!
    • avatar
      The CIA's mercenary army is a legitimate target. No apologies are needed. The US neocon criminals have tried to destroy Syria as a country targeting its social and governmental structure, history, and population.
    • avatar
      Bob Hoferer, Thanks for your reply and vote of support!
    • Hermes
      I am absolutely amazed that nobody is suffering from deja-vu with regards to the Russian-Afghan war. There the US collected an army of mercenaries and psychopaths to terrorize the government into submission. When the Russians came in on the request of the Afghan government they started supplying the terrorist with very advanced shoulder to air missile packs that proved to be a game changer.
      The USA wants to humiliate Russia in Syria and they may just be using the same recipy as they did in Afghanistan. Isn't that bothering anybody? It looks to me that they have played this game before. What kind of variation has Russia got in store to make it end differently?
    • in reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, agreed my friend, but I'm sure Russia has taken every scenario we can think of into account. The aren't going to be ...cked with this time around.
    • avatar
      I bet Russia has done more damage to ISIS in one day, than the US has done in 6 months
    • Earnie
      looks like it's time for the west to bomb assad's forces as well, if russia can do the same with FSA. also a shipment of stinger manpads to the FSA can help wonders against those russian ground-attack fighters and helicopters (see russian afghanistan "adventure") ;).
    • avatar
      He went on to say that Russia is targeting the foot soldiers of the western military alliance, “Basically the mercenaries that have been recruited right from the beginning by NATO, the Turkish High Command with the complicity of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel.”
      Bam. The ice water effect of hidden truth, finally exposed to mainstream media on a regular basis. Too many Sputnik articles support the US propaganda spin that the US is somehow mistaken or stumbling into trouble. But all of the child rapes, sex slavery, etc. of these groups is quietly sponsored by the CIA/NATO, etc. The dead Russian children in Donbas to Afghanistan to Iraq to Syria to Yemen, etc. It must stop!

      The next step for Russia is to seal off the Syrian airspace from the foreign invaders that are trying to destroy Syrian infrastructure in order to put pressure on Assad's government to fail. Why does the US want another Libya?
    • Hermesin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      I'm wearing an aluminium cap so it is impossible for Kremlin satelites to know what I am thinking let alone to take it into account.
      I think there is a great opertunity for USA for a replay of Afghanistan.
      They will spin it into some kind of story where the poor peacefull oposition needs to be protected from the Putin/Assad onslaught etc. It's like the guy in the interview said, they won't give up. If they can play the same trick on Russia in Syria as they did in Afghanistan it will mean the fall of Assad and a considerable dent in the Russian prestige. I say they go for it.
    • james
      the reason america bothers with all these front groups, secret funding of insurgents, and terrorist gangs is because they know they arent strong enough to take on any countries directly. their forces are too diluted in all their bases, and they have inferior jets/missiles/choppers/etc. basically, they are they are bullies that arent all that tough. its about time someone pushed back.
    • jamesin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, they would probably, within mere days, ship dozens of smerch units to deal with the people firing the missiles, and scores more tor-m1 launchers to take out any surface to air missiles.
    • Hermesin reply tojames(Show commentHide comment)
      It's also that they do not want to be blamed for what they are doing and be recognized for what they are because that would destroy whatever image they think they have.
    • jaodernein garshinvicin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, you say: "The USA wants to humiliate Russia[...]using the same recipy as they did in Afghanistan[...] What kind of variation has Russia got in store to make it end differently?"

      They got Putin. He's a patient, brilliant strategist, like no one in the west. History hasn't seen such a talented statesman since the times of Bismark
    • avatar
      In my view, Syria and Russia need to concentrate on the US-trained, armed, and controlled rebels first and foremost. They are the most dangerous.
    • avatar
      edover3in reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
      Zhukov, What did the US think? That Russia is going to target ISIS, but spare the other rebel rabble just because US 'supports' them? That Russia is going to ask permission and give the imperial US a 5-day advance warning? US may think this is a game, but Russia doesn't.
    • avatar
      edover3in reply toEarnie(Show commentHide comment)
      Earnie, You live in the 1980s, son. Second, FSA is affiliated with Al Nusra and ISIS. FSA's filthy leader admitted this openly. So that make s the US and people like YOU sponsors of terrorism.
    • avatar
      edover3in reply tojames(Show commentHide comment)
      james, The air attacks are just to soften things up. More pounding will come later. These ISIS people should've stuck to car bombing US military vehicles. At least then they had some respect.
    • Hermesin reply tojaodernein garshinvic(Show commentHide comment)
      jaodernein, I thought the Americans had president Putin for the time being. And most of his staff. Or has he returned home yet? I personally will breath a sigh of relief when he safely lands on Russian soil again. From them you can expect anything. From one day to another they may put him on their wanted list or worse.
    • avatar
      Tactical Investor
      Russia is targeting criminals that are backed by the U.S that is what they are trying to say. International law states that no nation can attempt to overthrow a legitimately elected government and no one can enter that country without the permission of that government. On both counts, the US fails so don't complain when you get a taste of your own medicine.
    • avatar
      Ivan Zadorozhny
      Nato is behind most conflicts in the world.
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