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    Chinese People's Liberation Army cadets

    China’s New Military Recruitment Video Scares US Media

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    The new video aimed at young Chinese graduates depicts China’s dream of cultivating pride amongst the new generation of Chinese men and women.

    The video also depicts the military, navy and aviation advancement China has made in the past several years.

    The 4 minute 16 second video begins with Chinese students graduating from universities, indulging in sports, cultural activities and achieving success in their endeavors.

    The video then switches to show the national army pride. There is footage of marching soldiers during a national day parade with clips showing navy warships sailing in the ocean. There is also footage of the Diaoyutai/Senkaku islets in the East China Sea and submarines stealthily resurfacing.

    But the US journalists saw the video and jumped to conclusions saying that it is a sign of the “increasingly nationalistic and expansionist approach of China.”

    It is unclear what exactly causes fear among the US media: the massive size of the Chinese army, their improved warfare and aviation technology or is it the fact that the Chinese included the footage of the Senkaku islets in the video despite the islets being considered as ‘disputed.’

    US magazine National Interest wrote that nationalism is fine for the appeal to recruit young people, but “the undeniably martial tone of the video, combined with references to blood and genes, will hardly contribute to China's efforts to dispel rising apprehensions about its future intentions.” The statement demonstrates the US’ concern over the recruitment video.

    The video continues showing the defense supremacy that China now possesses, showing that the country is a state strong enough to defend its own sovereignty and interest.

    That part of the video has the accompanying text titled “Call of Duty,” and the statement reads, “Seventy-one percent of the globe we depend on is blue water…wherever there is blue water, we will be there to secure navigation…China's oceanic and overseas interests are expanding rapidly…our land is vast but we will not yield an inch of our territory to foreigners,” National Interest reports.

    There are also glimpses of the PLAN's humanitarian role followed by the third section of the video titled ‘Honor of Gene.’ The video shows the missile rockets being launched, fighter jets soaring through the sky and an army of young Chinese soldiers training for combat.

    The text under that footage read, “Thousands of sea battles forged us…in very bloody combat…hot blood and the smell of gunpowder, we kept working hard, we kept growing….the passionate efforts of youth…forging in trials made possible the breakthrough…we maintain combat readiness…we are prepared for war.”

    The last part of the video, “Seeking the Blue Dream,” talks about the Chinese navy and how the country needs a strong navy to realize China’s dream. The footage shows young men and women in uniforms aspiring to serve their country and defend its autonomy.


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