14:58 GMT30 November 2020
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    Russia has succeeded in promoting the country’s modernized armed services, and the establishing of International Army Games, which are also known as the “war Olympics,” is the latest example of good marketing, the Washington Post declared.

    The opening of the first International Army Games in Russia has successfully improved the reputation of the nation’s military forces after the deterioration of political relations with the West, the Washington Post reported. Russian military experts devised most of the contests presented in the games and that’s why the Russian team leads in the competition, the reporter Eric Roth noted.

    The Russian military forces have shown sizable achievements recently, such as preparing highly professional spetznaz units and the creation of the exclusive cutting-edge battle tank “Armata,” which has a remote control turret system.

    According to the Washington Post, Russian authorities have also put a lot of effort into making the armed forces more popular among ordinary people across the country.

    A solemn opening ceremony of the International Army Games 2015 held at the Alabino training field in the Moscow Region
    © Sputnik / Maksim Blinov
    A solemn opening ceremony of the International Army Games 2015 held at the Alabino training field in the Moscow Region

    For instance, the national TV channel “Zvezda” (Star) is broadcasting patriotic programming and military service advertising. A big military-themed attraction park is set to open in Russia’s capital next year and there is already a majore store selling military-style clothes on Tverskaya Street in the heart of Moscow.

    Moreover, various gift shops offer patriotically-charged souvenirs in Moscow airports, Roth added. The most popular samples are Putin T-shirts and "polite person" cardboard cutouts.

    Russia’s deputy prime minister of the defense industry Dmitry Rogozin has followed the trend and chanted in the response to the Western sanctions, imposed on Russia: "Tanks don't need visas!"

    Although the fall of the ruble and western-imposed sanctions may hamper the modernization of the defense industry, it definitely won’t impact Russia’s performance in the International Army Games, Roth concluded.

    Lt. Gen. Ivan Buvaltsev, the head of training for Russia's armed forces, challenged NATO states, inviting them to participate in the next year’s games.


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