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    Russia to Complete Construction of Airship ‘Atlant’ for Army by 2018

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    'Augur RosAeroSystems' is a leading Russian lighter-than-air manufacturer. The company builds big airships and aerostats equipped with high-precision computer equipment and technology. The recent announcement by the company tells of airship 'Atlant' to be ready for the Russian Army by 2018.

    The ‘Augur-RosAeroSystems’ Holding is set to build the airship ‘Atlant’ by the end of 2018. It will have the capacity of carrying over 16 tons of weight.

    RosAeroSystems is a leading Russian lighter-than-air manufacturer. The company builds big airships and aerostats. It is the only Russian enterprise, and one of the few in the world with own and powerful aerostatic envelope production division, able to produce and test envelopes up to 50 000 cub m volume. The envelope production line is equipped by high-precision computerized cutting equipment and RF welding machines.

    The airship ‘Atlant’ will possibly be used by the Defense Ministry.

    According to the Vice President of the Holding, Mikhail Talesnikov, the development work of the first phase will be completed in December of this year. It will be examined, displaying the innovation system balancing. By 2018, ‘Atlant’ is scheduled to begin flight testing with the first prototype carrying weight capacity of 16 tons and volume of 30 thousand cubic meters.

    The vice president stressed that this innovation cannot be made by anyone else in the world in such a short time span.

    “During the unloading of the weight at the point of arrival, the airship will be able to get heavier via controls without needing ballast, in that way it will not get weightless after unload and will not soar into the stratosphere. This system is unique, nowhere abroad do they have that,” elaborated Talesnikov, media reports.

    It was earlier reported that the modification of the airships towards more militarized concept is being carried out on airship ‘Atlant-30’- carrying capacity of 16 tons and airship ‘Atlant-100’- carrying capacity of 60 tons.


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