21:26 GMT08 August 2020
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    NATO Seeks Expansion to Eastern Europe (362)
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    NATO continues to increase its presence in Eastern Europe. The defense ministers of Germany, Poland and Denmark agreed to add more soldiers at NATO’s Multinational Corps Northeast, based in Poland.

    The defense ministers of Germany, Poland and Denmark confirmed their plans to expand NATO's Multinational Corps Northeast, based in the Polish city of Szczecin, Ukrainian information agency UNIAN reported.

    German Defense Minister Ursula Von der Leyen met with her colleagues from Poland and Denmark — Tomas Semenyaka and Nicolai Wammen, respectively. During the meeting, Von der Leyen assured her colleagues that Germany will put 100 soldiers in Szczecin.

    Von der Leyen also visited the corps' headquarters and said that besides Polish, German and Danish soldiers, there were currently representatives from 15 different countries, as cited by Deutsche Welle.

    The German minister said NATO plans to station soldiers from over 20 countries in Szczecin before the NATO summit in Warsaw next year.

    Semenyaka, the Defense Minister of Poland, pointed out that his country needs as many NATO soldiers as possible. He also added that the military alliance needs to increase its defense capabilities in Eastern Europe, stating that Multinational Corps Northeast should become NATO's main defense body in the region.

    NATO has been increasing its presence in eastern European allied countries and near Russia's border over the past year, straining relations between the military alliance and Moscow.

    In February, NATO announced it will double its Response Force, stationed close to Russia in Eastern Europe, to comprise 30,000 military personnel.

    NATO Seeks Expansion to Eastern Europe (362)


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