16:52 GMT23 July 2021
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    According to the Sputnik correspondent, he was filming demonstrations by both supporters and opponents of the Fatah movement taking place near the Palestinian embassy in the Lebanese capital city of Beirut.

    Sputnik correspondent Abed Albay was beaten during a rally involving both supporters and opponents of the Palestinian Fatah movement on Monday. His current condition is good.

    "The attackers tried to take away the camera, I covered it - and they hit me on the head and on the body. I feel fine now. I have my eye and my arm injured", Albay said.

    The journalist was filming demonstrations in front of the Palestinian embassy by supporters of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and their opponents, who went out because of the death of activist Nizar Banat after detention by Palestinian security services in Beirut.

    The correspondent captured several seconds on camera of a group of people beating a young man. The video stops when someone is heard in the background asking who he was filming for.

    According to Albay, he spoke to a Fatah representative before filming, introduced himself, and informed him of his intention to film the events, to which he received no objection.


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