15:50 GMT21 June 2021
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    Tensions have been running high in Israel since Monday, after militants in the Gaza Strip fired rockets into the country in the wake of bitter clashes between Palestinians and the police over the past several weeks. The Israeli military has conducted airstrikes on the enclave against Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets.

    Three rockets have been fired from Lebanon into Israel, the Israeli military announced on Thursday. According to the announcement, the rocket fire caused no damage or casualties, as the projectiles fell in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Lebanon has so far made no comments on the rocket attack. AFP cited two sources close to Hezbollah that the Lebanese Shiite group was not behind the incident.

    Over a thousand rockets have targeted Israel over the past several days, with the tensions on the Gaza border having come to a boiling point on Monday, turning into the largest confrontation in recent years.

    Since the beginning of the escalation, six Israeli civilians and one serviceman have died, while retaliatory strikes against Gaza have left over hundred Palestinians dead.

    Israel and its northern neighbour Lebanon have long had strained relations. In 2006, Israel and Hezbollah, a Lebanese party and militant group that Israel views as a terrorist organisation, clashed in a 34-day war in Lebanon that ended in a stalemate. The two sides have since exchanged fire now and then with Israeli Air Forces hitting Hezbollah targets, while the Shia militants launch rocket strikes on northern Israel.

    Tensions between the two escalated last August following another exchange of cross border fire, which raised fears of a full-blown conflict at the time.

    In addition, the two countries have competing claims over territorial waters and exclusive economic zones.

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