15:19 GMT23 April 2021
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    Ain Al Asad was one of the two bases hit by an Iranian ballistic missile strike on 8 January 2020 in response to the killing of Major General Qasem Soleimani by a United States drone strike.

    Ain Al Asad Airbase, which is located in Iraq's Al Anbar province and hosts Iraqi and US troops, was subjected to a massive rocket attack on Wednesday, Iraq's state-run news agency INA reported, citing a security source.

    "The Ain Al Asad base was attacked today with 10 rockets, according to preliminary data," the source said.

    The US military later confirmed the rocket attack, saying that the rockets were fired by the IDF, adding that Iraqi security forces are leading an investigation.

    ​Previously there were reports of 107mm projectiles on social media.

    ​However, Iraqi militias later claimed responsibility.

    At first, there were no casualties reported as a result of the attack. However, later, the security sources reported that a civilian contractor died in the attack.

    On 8 January, the Ain Al Asad Airbase as well as the Erbil Airbase in the country's north were hit by dozen missiles launched by Iran in response to Soleimani killing.

    Iran reportedly warned Iraq in advance, which in turn presumably briefed the US forces stationed in the country, allowing them to take shelter in prepared bunkers. Although the missile strikes did cause substantial damage to the base infrastructure but did not kill any US troops.

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