09:14 GMT25 February 2021
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    Earlier on Monday, local media reported that several suspects in a stolen car, after being pursued by police, broke into the Israeli Nevatim Air Force base and fled, leaving their vehicle behind.

    Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) stated on Monday that a suspect driving an "apparently stolen" car reached the Nevatim air force base and, after the vehicle was stopped by tire spikes, ran away on foot.

    While the IDF has continued its pursuit of the suspect, it outlined that there is no danger for the soldiers in the base or the security facilities.

    "We emphasize that guards are stationed at the base assets and that the Knesset will open for the event", IDF tweeted. "IDF and police forces are pursuing the suspect, with the assistance of the police air unit, ground defense units, Air Force contracts and scouts."

    A tweet reads: "A few hours ago, a police chase began for a civilian vehicle, apparently stolen, with a suspect in it. During the police chase, the suspected driver reached the Nevatim Air Force Base gate at high speed. The suspect who was driving the vehicle fled after the vehicle was stopped by the spikes and began running in the base area."

    Earlier, Israeli media reported on Monday that several "Bedouine" suspects stole a car in the Israeli city of Dimona and broke into the Nevatim air force base, leaving the car in the vicinity.

    While the three reported trespassers remained at large, 13 News said that they entered the military base through gates that had been opened for another vehicle. The stolen car driven by the suspects was damaged by tire spikes, and, as police arrived at the scene, the three spotted the officers and reportedly fled on foot.

    The base was said to have been "darkened" and soldiers were instructed to stay in their quarters.

    According to the reports, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and police are searching for the suspects. Video of helicopters allegedly joining the search were shared online.

    A photo of the alleged hijacked car used to break into the Nevatim base also emerged in social media.

    ​According to local media, the police received reports of a stolen vehicle in the city of Dimona in southern Israel. The car was later spotted near the Nevatim base.

    The air force military facility is known to be where Israel's Lockeed Martin F-35 fleet is currently based.


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