03:08 GMT14 August 2020
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    The Israeli military apparently continues to regularly patrol the border area with Lebanon after sealing off several underground tunnels last year that were built by Hezbollah from the country's territory.

    The Israel Defence Forces has said that one of its military drones crashed on the territory of Lebanon as it was patrolling the border between the two countries. A spokeswoman for the IDF assured that the incident poses no risk to the Israeli military.

    "There is no concern that any information was leaked", the IDF spokeswoman said.

    According to a report by the Israeli Channel 12 broadcaster, the drone crashed due to a technical failure and was not shot down. 

    Tensions With Hezbollah

    The Israeli military has intensified its monitoring operations along the border with Lebanon following the killing of a member of the Lebanon-based Hezbollah in an airstrike in southern Syria. The IDF said it was responding to "munitions" being fired from Syrian territory controlled by Damascus at Israel.

    While Tel Aviv has not commented on the news of the killing the Hezbollah member, the IDF said that it would be securing the border with Lebanon in an apparent attempt to defend against a possible retaliation from the group.

    "In accordance with the situation assessment and defence plan of the Northern Command, changes will be applied to the positioning of IDF units in the military and civilian districts in order to reinforce security along the northern border", the IDF statement said.

    Last year, the IDF claimed to have delivered a major blow to Hezbollah's operations, saying it had sealed off numerous underground tunnels that the group had dug from Lebanon's territory leading into Israel in order to covertly cross the border between the two countries.


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