12:05 GMT29 October 2020
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    BEIRUT (Sputnik) - The US embassy security personnel have deployed tear gas to disperse demonstrators off its territory in Baghdad, Lebanese Al Mayadeen broadcaster reported.

    Protesters angered by a deadly US strike on a Shiite militia in Iraq were seen ebbing from the American embassy in Baghdad on Wednesday night, the Alsumaria channel said.

    Protesters left after an umbrella organization encompassing many Iraqi paramilitary groups asked demonstrators to heed calls from the national government to withdraw, according to the Alsumaria channel.

    Iraqi Interior Minister Yaseen Yasiri reportedly showed up outside the embassy to make sure that no more protesting was going on.

    Mass rallies at the territory of the US diplomatic mission resumed earlier in the day. According to media reports, several protesters were injured.

    On 31 December, angered Iraqis stormed the US embassy in Baghdad and torched its outer fence in protest against recent US airstrikes that targeted the Kata’ib Hezbollah Shiite militia in Iraq and Syria.

    The Pentagon said on Sunday it carried out "defensive strikes" against five Kata'ib Hezbollah facilities in Iraq and Syria in retaliation for the Iranian-backed group's attack on a US base near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk that left one US defence contractor dead and four US soldiers wounded on Friday.

    Iran's Foreign Ministry a day earlier dismissed "empty" accusations coming out of Washington about Iran allegedly orchestrating attacks on the US embassy in Iraq. The ministry also called on Washington to reject its "destructive policies" in the Middle East.

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    • 16:35

      US Embassy in Baghdad Halts Consular Services Amid Unrest

      US citizens have been advised to stay away from the embassy and seek assistance in the US Consulate in Ebril, which remains open for visa services.

    • 15:54

      Iraqi Military Says All Protesters Have Left US Embassy Perimeter in Baghdad

      "All protesters have withdrawn, tents dismantled, and other forms of demonstrating that accompanied these protests have ended and the Iraqi security forces have completely secured the embassy perimeter", the Iraqi military said in a statement. 

    • 14:31

      Germany Condemns Attacks on US Embassy in Baghdad

      "We condemn the violent attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad. Safety and inviolability of diplomatic missions and their staff are core elements of the international order… Attacks cannot be justified. We expect the Iraqi government to face their responsibility", a German Foreign Office statement read.

    • 14:08

      Iraqi Protesters Start Leaving Premises of US Embassy, Some Remain - Reports

    • 14:04

      US Security Forces Fire Rubber Bullets at Iraqi Protesters During Day 2 of Rallies in Baghdad - Reports

    • 13:23

      Pompeo Says May Change His Visit Schedule Following Attack on US Embassy in Iraq

      "Well, I’m hoping I can still fulfil those commitments. I’m headed to Ukraine, and then to Central Asia, and then on to Cyprus. But I’ll make sure I’m in the right place to ensure that our people, the people of the State Department and Americans, are safe and secure in the Middle East. And if that means I have to change or delay my trip for a bit, that’s what I’ll do", US State Secretary Mike Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News TV channel when asked about possible changes to his schedule.

    • 12:27

      Iran Summons Swiss Envoy Over US 'Warmongering Statements'

      Iran Summons Swiss Envoy Over US 'Warmongering Statements'

      Earlier in the day, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei condemned the US airstrikes on Kata’ib Hezbollah Shiite militants in neighbouring Iraq and Syria, promising to strike anyone who threatens his country.
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    • 12:27

      Protests Outside US Embassy in Baghdad Resume for Day 2 - Video

      Protesters Outside the US Embassy in Baghdad

      Protests Outside US Embassy in Baghdad Resume for Day 2 - Video

      President Donald Trump said a day earlier that the US Embassy in Iraq was safe despite being attacked by people protesting against American airstrikes on Shia militants in Iraq, and warned that Iran would be held fully responsible for any damage caused to US facilities.
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    • 11:24

      Iraqi Paramilitary Groups Ask Protesters to Withdraw From US Embassy Area - Reports

      Paramilitary groups who have been holding rallies against US airstrikes in Iraq asked their supporters to retreat from the perimeter of the US Embassy in Baghdad, Reuters reported. 

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