23:42 GMT12 August 2020
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    In light of Turkey’s looming military operation, the US announced the decision to withdraw the majority of its troops from northern Syria, which could otherwise have ended up in crossfire between Turkish forces and Kurds. Apparently, however, not all troops were pulled back from the Turkish border.

    A video, allegedly showing rare military transports known as the Armoured Ground Mobility System (AGMS), mostly used by US Special Forces such as Delta Force and the 75th Ranger Regiment, was posted on Twitter by Alexandra Rojkov, a reporter for Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine. Rojkov said in the tweet that the vehicles were spotted near Qamishli, a city in north-eastern Syria on the border with Turkey.

    The authenticity of the footage has not been confirmed by officials and it's unclear if it was indeed shot near Qamishli.

    The AGMS is a six-wheeled armoured transport capable of carrying seven soldiers plus their commander to hotspots while protecting them from not only small arms fire, but also from IEDs and electronic warfare devices. It also features 12.7mm heavy machine guns and 40mm automatic grenade launchers that passengers can use to fend off attackers.

    The US Army has been using the vehicles since the 2000s, when they first acquired them.


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