08:30 GMT14 May 2021
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    ANKARA (Sputnik) – Turkey must ban the US forces from using the Incirlik airbase in response to US President Donald Trump’s threats to Ankara over its plans to launch a new military operation in northern Syria, the head of Turkey’s Patriotic Party (Vatan) said on Wednesday.

    "The best possible Turkish response to the US threats is cooperation with Damascus and closure of the Incirlik base for the United States. The US is behaving toward us as an enemy and there are even opinions [in the US] that Turkey must be excluded from NATO," Dogu Perincek said.

    On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Ankara could launch a military operation in neighbouring Syria, east of the Euphrates River, in the coming days, to clear the border area of Kurdish militias, seen as terrorists in Turkey, create a security zone and accommodate Syrian refugees there. Following that, Trump threatened to destroy the Turkish economy if Ankara acts in Syria "off-limits."

    He noted that the United States had provided the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, banned in Turkey, with 30,000 trucks with weapons.

    "This opened a real front against Turkey, which ones again demonstrates that the US is viewing Turkey as an enemy," Perincek added.

    Turkey designates Kurdish groups in southern Turkey and northern Syria and Iraq as terrorist organizations. Damascus has repeatedly called Turkey’s inroad into Syria illegal and urged Ankara to withdraw its troops. 

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