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    Those involved in the production of the fake Douma chemical attack video should be punished, Jamal al Zuobi, a member of the defence council in the Syrian parliament, told Sputnik. A BBC producer based in Beirut recently said that hospital scenes filmed after the April 2018 Douma ‘attack’ were staged.

    "Damascus will go to court to demand compensation for the losses it incurred as a result of the fabricated video. It became the basis for more actions against Syria by Western countries. We are unlikely to achieve all of the objectives, but at least we can restore the truth," Jamal al Zuobi, a Syrian legislator, said.

    He called for Western sanctions against Syria to be lifted, and those behind the fake report to be brought to trial.

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    The US, UK and their allies will continue to organise provocations and fabricate reports, he claimed, pointing to funding provided by the White Helmets as proof. They will work against Syria on the orders of the British intelligence, he said, adding that Damascus needs to be prepared for this.

    Douma Attack

    In April 2018, the US, UK and France accused Damascus of a chemical attack on the Syrian city of Douma in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus. As an "evidence" they cited video provided by the White Helmets, who used footage that showed residents of the Douma, including children, whom doctors allegedly were trying to save from the effects of toxic substances.

    The OPCW has been probing the allegations of the use of chemical weapons against Syrian Douma that emerged in early April. Without waiting for the probe's results, the United States, backed by France and the United Kingdom, promptly fired over 100 missiles on what they called the Syrian government's chemical weapons sites.

    Damascus and Moscow strongly condemned the attack. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the purpose of spreading the news about Assad's troops' alleged use of poisonous substances was to shield the terrorists and to justify the possible use of force from the outside.


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