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    Andreas Hvid - Climbing the Great Pyramid of Giza

    Egypt Nabs Pair for Helping Danes Who Shot 'F**k' Video on Great Pyramid

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    Middle East
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    The video, posted online after the Danish couple arrived back home, gained tremendous popularity, but at the same time struck a raw nerve with both the authorities, who brought up its illegality, and common citizens, many of whom are faithful Muslims.

    Egyptian authorities arrested a camel owner and another person, who reportedly assisted two Danish tourists as they climbed the iconic Great Pyramid at Giza before taking saucy pictures from the top of it, The Local reported.

    As the Egyptian Interior Ministry stated, the second person of the arrested pair, a woman, helped to effectively establish contact between the adventure-thirsty Danish couple and the camel owner, who appeared to have illegally taken them to the pyramid late in the evening on November 29 for a price in the local currency equal to 200 euros. The detained are currently awaiting trial.

    Earlier this month, 23-year-old photographer Andreas Hvid posted a video on YouTube of a Danish couple climbing the top of a popular tourist trap. The video rounds off with an episode where a young woman, whose face is blurred to escape publicity, removes her top as she stands on top of one of the seven world wonders, hovering over 145 meters above earth. In the first version of the video, which was later taken down and replaced with another one, there was also a still image of the couple romping, which Hvid blatantly referred to as a “pyramid f**k”.

    The footage, which has enjoyed over 5 million views to date, sparked outrage in the Muslim Middle Eastern country, where state law forbids climbing on the ancient Giza monuments, first, and second, where stern religious norms do not allow a woman to expose any part of her body in public.

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    “Climbing an ancient monument like the pyramids is not allowed. If you are told not to touch or take pictures in a museum in Europe you will respect the law”, one social media user wrote in comments below the video, with another one giving a similar hypothetical example, but on European soil:

    “Just imagine if an immigrant or a refugee had sex in the Amalienborg yard or Copenhagen Opera House, filmed it and post [sic] it! What would the reaction be?” another comment reads.

    Although the case was reportedly entrusted to the country’s prosecution authority, there is no clarity on potential charges against the tourists, since the two Danes are no longer in the country and are apparently not dying to return:

    “I will stay out of Egypt from now on, as I probably risk being sentenced if I go back”, Hvid, known for his daring feats at dizzying heights, and capturing everything on camera, told Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet.

    He is also a nude art admirer, as his pictures and clips often show naked women and men in unusual places, which falls into categories "rooftopping" and "urban exploration".

    "With my camera, I've perpetuated my climbs to various high rise buildings in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Eastern Europe's abandoned, decayed Soviet relics, as well as an illegal trip to the Chernobyl zone in Ukraine", Hvid boastfully remarks on his website.


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