02:42 GMT26 May 2020
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    Israeli police arrested a 53-year-old man from central Israel on Monday under suspicion of posing as a doctor in order to examine women’s breasts.

    The man was named in an Israeli news report, but a court order put a gag on publishing his name.

    The alleged perpetrator is accused of running a scheme for over a decade in which he would pretend to be a prominent breast surgeon from Canada. The man would allegedly use an empty room in his company's building to perform fake exams. Dozens of women were reportedly caught up in the scheme. Then, an investigative report by Yedioth exposed him as a writer and executive of a publishing company.

    The man would pretend to be a renowned Canadian doctor traveling in Israel. One of his victims, identified only as "Karen," told Yedioth that she was 

    having trouble nursing her newborn child, and nobody could figure out what the issue was. That's when she found a blog belonging to someone who claimed to be a top breast surgeon in Canada, and reached out.

    The suspect apparently explained that he did not have a medical license or office in Israel because he was Canadian and used the empty office, which he told her belonged to a colleague in Israel, to assault her. 

    Yedioth reported that the man never attended medical school. His fake online profiles listed "Barrie Health Department" as his place of employment, but unsurprisingly, no such company exists.

    The reporter who broke the story for Yedioth was undercover as a potential patient last week and reported that the man was continuing to make appointments at his office after company hours.

    Other reporters were also undercover pretending to be ghostwriters for a book company when the suspect admitted to them that he never went to medical school. He claimed he was innocent when confronted with the allegations by journalists, saying the perpetrator wasn't him, but that he "knows who it is," and that "he and I are very similar."


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