10:57 GMT29 November 2020
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    Earlier, the foreign minister said that the Israeli intelligence agency's "false flags" had failed to isolate Tehran or prevent it from constructive engagement with the international community.

    Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has tweeted a timeline showing four times Mossad allegedly attempted to foil Iranian diplomatic efforts and interfere in international political processes in 2018.

    "4/30: Netanyahu claims MOSSAD 'Iran nuke file discovery'; 5/08: Trump withdraws from the JCPOA," the timeline reads, referring to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal.

    "6/03: President Rouhani begins state visits to Switzerland and Austria; 6/03: MOSSAD assists in 'foiling Iranian bomb plot' in France," the next entry reads. "9/26: Trump chairs disastrous anti-Iran show at UN Security Council; 9/27: Netanyahu claims MOSSAD 'Iran nuclear site discovery'," the timeline continues.

    Finally, referring to this week's scandal surrounding an alleged murder plot involving the Iranian intelligence services in Denmark, Zarif's timeline reads: "10/29: Planned EU announcement on Special Purpose Vehicle [on Iranian-European trade]; 10/29: MOSSAD assists in 'foiling Iranian assassination plot' in Denmark."

    The timeline was Zarif's second straight tweet about alleged Israeli attempts to put a spoke in Iranian diplomatic activity. On Wednesday, the foreign minister tweeted that "Mossad's perverse & stubborn planting of false flags…only strengthens our resolve to engage constructively with the world," promising to provide more details.

    President Trump unilaterally withdrew the United States from the JCPOA in May and vowed to introduce crippling sanctions against Tehran, prompting the agreement's other signatories to engage in negotiations to try to save it.

    Traditionally rocky relations between Iran and Israel also hit a new low this year, with Tel Aviv accusing Tehran of running proxy wars in Syria and Lebanon and providing military support for Hezbollah and Hamas militants. Iran has denied the charges and insisted that its military presence in Syria is limited to an advisory capacity aimed at assisting Damascus in its fight against Islamist extremism.


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