06:22 GMT05 August 2020
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    While Tehran doesn't acknowledge Israel's right to exist, Tel Aviv suspects Iran of attempting to create nuclear weapons despite the historic 2015 agreement.

    Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan has endorsed the US decision to re-implement sanctions against Tehran and expressed his hope that either a better version of the Iran nuclear deal will be struck or that the Islamic Republic's government would just disappear, in an interview with Israel Radio.

    "It would be better if the Iranian regime would disappear entirely from this world, but it would also be a blessing to see Obama's bad nuclear agreement replaced with a better one," he said.

    Erdan explained that the only thing one can influence Iran with is an "economic hammer" and that there is a good chance that such a "hammer" will bring Iran "to its knees." The minister also slammed the EU's attempts to resist US sanctions and to keep the Iran nuclear deal afloat.

    "The EU is morally bankrupt, and we need to remember that next time they try to lecture us," he said.

    The US partially re-imposed sanctions against Iran on August 6. The new sanctions will affect any entity dealing with Iran's national debt, currency, gold or metals, or trading cars and aircraft with the country, meaning that EU companies could be subjected to the US sanctions.

    The European Union initiated its Blocking Statute on August 7, aimed at countering the US sanctions and ensuring that European countries can continue their business in Iran. Several top European diplomats have expressed hope that the US will return to the Iran nuclear deal.

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    The next round of US sanctions will hit Iranian oil and gas exports in November. Tehran has warned the US against the measure, threatening to block the Strait of Hormuz. President Donald Trump responded to the threat by promising severe "consequences" for Iran if it decides to threaten the US again.

    Relations between Israel and Iran have always been tense, as the latter doesn't acknowledge the Jewish state's right to exist. Tel Aviv suspects Tehran of developing nuclear weapons in order to destroy Israel.


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