01:51 GMT29 May 2020
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    The Syrian government has been restoring its control over the country, with the latest military operation being carried out against jihadists in the south of the Arab Republic.

    Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has stated that he believes that the Syrian front will be more quiet with the restoration of the Assad administration's control.

    "From our perspective, the situation is returning to how it was before the civil war, meaning there is a real address, someone responsible, and central rule," Lieberman pointed out.

    Asked whether Israel should be less concerned about potential Golan Heights-related tensions, he said: "I believe so."

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    In July, Lieberman pledged a "harsh response" to any attempts by the Syrian Army to enter the Golan Heights, where a demilitarized zone was established in accordance with the 1974 disengagement agreement.

    At the same time, he made it plain that he does not exclude "some kind of relationship" between Israel and Syria even though the two countries are "a long way from that".

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    The UN-monitored disengagement accord envisages that Syria and Israel abandon their plans to build up military forces on both sides of the demarcation line.

    The tensions between the two countries have been running high as the Syrian Army continues its operation to drive militants out of the country's south. Earlier, Syrian air defenses responded to an Israeli attack on the non-Israel-held portion of the province of Quneitra in southwestern Syria (most of Quneitra is illegally occupied by Israel and known as the Golan Heights) after the Israel Defense Forces fired a Patriot anti-aircraft missile, shooting down a Syrian drone that had entered Israel's airspace.

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    Israel and Syria remain at odds over the disputed Golan Heights, which was occupied by Israel as a result of the 1967 Six-Day War between the countries and annexed by Israel in 1981. The annexation has never been recognized by the international community.


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