16:47 GMT04 August 2021
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    This is the second time Israel has shut the valve on Gaza in the span of a month.

    Israel banned the entry of gas and fuel into the Gaza Strip Wednesday, as a response to a new surge of fire balloon and kite attacks originating from Palestinian soil, reports The Jerusalem Post.

    "A short time ago Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman ordered that gas and fuel be banned from entering Gaza through Kerem Shalom [a border crossing], starting on Thursday and until such time as there is a new announcement," the minister's spokesperson said.

    "The decision was taken in light of the continued terror balloons and continued friction along the [border] fence," the spokesperson added.

    This is the second time Israel has resorted to such a measure in the past several weeks. Liberman ordered gas and fuel shut down earlier in July, but reversed the decision after the Palestinian attacks died down.

    Earlier in June, Israel ordered the cessation of transit of commercial goods to Palestine, also saying that move was a response to continued attacks using flaming balloons and kites from Gaza.

    According to The Jerusalem Post, the people of the Gaza Strip only receive electricity for four hours a day, and therefore are heavily dependent on gas and fuel shipments, which allow for the use of backup generators.

    In mid-July, reports emerged saying Israel would start a major military offensive against the Gaza Strip should the flaming projectile attacks continue. Hamas, which runs the Strip, pledged to work to stop the attacks, which it claims are the work of rogue terror groups.


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