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    Haidar Al-Abadi

    Iraqi PM 'Fearful' of Foreign Intervention in Country's Post-Election Affairs

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    Iraqi parliamentary elections held earlier this month saw the Al-Ahrar bloc, which is headed by prominent Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, emerge with the most seats in the country’s parliament.

    Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that he is “fearful” of foreign involvement in the county’s internal affairs in the aftermath of the elections, the Rudaw news network reported on Wednesday.

    "I am fearful of the intervention of countries. That is why we are notifying them all — that we thank your compassion towards us, we thank your care for Iraq, but please don't interfere in our affairs," PM Abadi said during his weekly press conference.

    It’s unclear if he was referring to external influence from either the US or Iran.

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    In response to a statement by Iraq’s High Independent and Electoral Commission, the PM downplayed the prospect of the country entering a civil war due to the ongoing political crisis.

    "I was dismayed when I heard that statement frankly. It is a wrong statement. I don't think there is readiness by the political sides to enter into, god forbid, a civil war.”

    Haider al-Abadi’s Nasr coalition, which only won enough seats to rank third relative to the other blocs, also said he was willing to serve as PM for another term. 

    The politicians elected to represent the Iraqi people in Baghdad’s parliament will ultimately decide who will serve as the Arab Republic’s PM and president for the next term, but it remains unclear who has the most support.

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