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    US Politician Apologizes to Israelis for 'Horrible Way Christians Treated Jews'

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    As the US moves its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem this week, former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann visited Israel and made heartfelt apologies to Jews.

    Republican Congresswoman Bachmann spoke at a Jewish-Christian Bible study session in Israel's parliament asking for forgiveness from the Jewish people.

    "For the horrible and arrogant way Christians, I include myself among them, treated and regarded the Jewish people. I have stated things that should not have said and I apologize profoundly… for my statements that though said in ignorance have brought pain,” Bachmann said.

    Although she didn’t specify which statements she was apologizing for, in 2015 the politician did allegedly call for Jews to convert to Christianity.

    She said as she reads the Bible she is "learning more and more that it is all about Israel."

    As US embassy is set for inauguration, members of a delegation led by President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka, his senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner and Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin, are holding a reception in Jerusalem on Sunday.

    Dozens of foreign diplomats are expected to show up, although many ambassadors of European nations who oppose the move will not be attending the ceremony.

    There were reports earlier in the day that a mass rally is expected this week on Israel’s border. Hospitals in the area are preparing to receive causalities that are expected during the protests.

    Since late March, 42 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli army fire and over 1,700 other wounded in border unrest. Tens of thousands could try to burst through into Israel during protests this week.


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