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    Speaking with Sputnik France, Pierre Le Corf, founder of the NGO “WeAreSuperheroes,” who has been living in Syria’s Aleppo for some time, has warned of another attack to come, this time in the province of Idlib within a few months.

    According to Le Corf, the coordinated airstrikes by the United States, the United Kingdom and France against Syria in response to the alleged chemical weapons’ use by government forces in Douma in Eastern Ghouta, imply that another attack will soon be prepared in Idlib. He believes that the trilateral strikes were launched after the Syrian people had started thinking that everything was over.

    “Now, we are being bombed by the Americans, by the French and British, which means that more reprisals are to come soon if there’s another chemical attack, which will, apparently, take place in Idlib, evidently, in the coming months,” the young man elaborated.

    In spite of recent developments, Le Corf is convinced that the Syrians remain strong.

    “People are confused but life goes on […] people are stronger than this and are not intimidated by this kind of thing,” he concluded.

    On April 14, US President Donald Trump ordered to “launch precision strikes in Syria” together with France and the UK in response to the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, which was dismissed by Syria and Russia as a false flag. The three nations fired over 100 missiles – most of them were intercepted by the Syrian air defense systems.

    A week prior to the joint airstrikes, several media outlets published reports, based on the information from militants, that the government forces had used chemical weapons against civilians in Douma – an allegation, which has been consistently denied by Damascus.

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    Last month, Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations stated that a number of foreign specialists had been working on staging a chemical attack in Idlib province.

    “State-sponsors of terrorism have instructed the terrorists to use chemical weapons again. This theatrical gesture will be carried out with the participation of a number of countries, the White Helmets, and will be covered in Western media,” Bashar Jaafari said.

    Pierre Le Corf’s NGO has been working to ensure that Syrians receive medical treatment, training people to provide appropriate medical assistance. Upon his arrival in Aleppo, he realized that very few mass media sources reported the actual situation in the east of the city, and sought to inform the wider public about the state of affairs on the ground via social media. 


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