10:38 GMT17 January 2021
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    US, UK, France Strike Syria With Over 100 Missiles in Response to Alleged Chemical Attack (80)

    Tehran has commented on a massive Western missile attack on Syria, which had been conducted as a response to an alleged chemical attack in the recently-liberated Damascus suburb of Douma.

    Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has slammed the US, UK and French joint missile strike on Syria, calling Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May "criminals."

    The Iranian Foreign Ministry has also lashed out at the Western states that had conducted a joint massive missile strike on targets in Syria and warned of "regional consequences."

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that the US-led attack against Syria will lead to the destruction of the Middle Eastern countries.

    According to Tehran quoted by Al-Manar broadcaster, Western countries carried out attacks against Syria because of the defeat of terrorists in the country.

    Iran also urged countries across the globe as well as the international organizations to condemn the attack, saying that the coalition's strike would undermine the foundations of peace, destabilize the region and strengthen extremism.

    Separately, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have issued a statement cited by the Fars news agency, saying, "With this attack…the situation will become more complex, and this will surely be at the expense of the United States, which will be responsible for the aftermath of upcoming regional events that will certainly not be in their interest."

    The United States, United Kingdom and France carried out strikes on Syria earlier in the day over the reports of a chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma, allegedly carried out by the Syrian government. The Syrian military responded to the strikes with air defence weapons. The strikes have caused several civilian casualties and some material damage, according to several reports.

    Damascus has slammed the attack as "barbaric and brutal aggression," emphasizing that the strike would only strengthen the army's resolve, while the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the "strike has been launched at the capital of a sovereign state that has been fighting for survival for years amid terrorist aggression." In its turn, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that most of the missiles launched by the Western states had been intercepted by Soviet-made Arab Republic's air defenses.

    US, UK, France Strike Syria With Over 100 Missiles in Response to Alleged Chemical Attack (80)


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