16:04 GMT23 November 2020
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    A Syrian airbase has been hit by missiles, two days after several countries, including the US, had blamed Damascus for staging an alleged chemical attack in Douma despite the fact that a probe into the incident hasn't yet been launched.

    Daesh* terrorists have attempted to launch an offensive in several districts of the Homs province after a missile attack on a T-4 airbase in the province's east, Al Mayadeen broadcaster reported on Monday.

    "After the attack on a T-4 airbase, Daesh militants tried to advance to two districts, situated in the desert," a correspondent said, citing personal sources.

    SANA news agency reported earlier in the day, citing its own correspondent that the Syrian T-4 airbase in the country's Homs province had been attacked with missiles, alleging that the missiles could have been launched by the US. However, a source close to the US administration told Sputnik that the US wasn't conducting any military operations against Syria at that time. Several people have reportedly been injured and several died as result of the attack.

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    Al Mayadeen, in its turn, said that the missiles flew over Lebanon from the Mediterranean Sea.

    The Israeli military, in its turn, has refused to comment on the missile attack, regarding the fact that Israel has already attacked the same airbase.

    *Daesh, also known as ISIS, Islamic State, IS is a terrorist group banned in Russia

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