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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Islamabad is calling on Washington to reconsider the reduction of military aid to the country as Pakistan has recently managed to achieve success in its fight against terrorism, Pakistani Defense Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan told Sputnik in an interview on Thursday.

    "We have very long relations with the United States and we had our ups and massive downs, but seeing objectively, as we increased seriously our counterterrorism efforts in the beginning of 2014, the military support of the United States began to come down. [The] more we ramp our counterterrorism efforts [the] more the US support is on the decline. We keep telling our American friends that if you are serious about fighting terrorism, you would actually be increasingly supportive of Pakistan in these efforts, but they have a different opinion from this. We hope that the Americans will modify their approach," Khan said on the sidelines of the Moscow Conference on International Security (MCIS).

    The official praised the Pakistani army for managing to minimize terrorist acts in the country by more than 85 percent since 2014.

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    "Despite the [fact that the] United States wrote counterterrorism manuals, so far we have seen only two major counterterrorism victories: Russia in Syria and Pakistan on its soil. They [the United States] have the books, but we have the victories," Khan underlined.

    Pakistan has faced US scrutiny for not taking enough action to address US concerns that Pakistan is serving as a safe haven for the Taliban and other terrorist groups conducting attacks in Afghanistan.

    In January, US President Donald Trump accused Pakistan of deceiving the United States while it received billions in US military aid for the war on terror. Trump subsequently ordered nearly all security-related aid to be frozen. Washington then went on to sanction a number of Pakistani companies for alleged involvement in the nuclear trade. The recent media reports indicate that the US administration is also considering to permanently cut off military aid, among other measures.


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