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    The Russian Defense Ministry has responded to the US accusations that Russia allegedly violates the UN Security Council resolution on the ceasefire in Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta.

    False US claims on "hospital bombing" in Ghouta came after Syrian troops repelled pro-US groups, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

    "Strangely enough, during months of massive attacks by militants, there was not a single condemnatory statement from Washington or its European allies. But when the Syrian authorities repelled the attacks by pro-American groups Washington immediately came up with traditional false accusations of the alleged "bombing of medical facilities" in Eastern Ghouta and with the rumors invented by the loyal propaganda bodies about the alleged use of 'chemical weapons' [by Damascus]," the ministry's statement reads.

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    According to the ministry, US-controlled armed groups have been attacking the garrison of Syrian government troops in Eastern Ghouta daily since the beginning of 2018 in attempts to change the boundaries of the de-escalation zone.

    The defense ministry also stressed that the provisions of the UN Security Council resolution on Syria's Eastern Ghouta are not fulfilled by the US, but not by Russia.

    "Before blaming Russia for allegedly violating the provisions of UN Security Council resolution 2401, it would be useful for the White House representative of to get acquainted with the content of the document," the Russian ministry said.

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    The White House on Sunday accused Russia and the Syrian government of violating the ceasefire regime in Damascus' suburb of Eastern Ghouta and ignoring the UN Security Council's resolution 2401 on Syria.

    The resolution 2401 was adopted on February 24 and stipulates a one-month ceasefire across Syria to guarantee the safety of humanitarian aid and the medical evacuation of those injured. Russia has repeatedly urges the West to assist in ensuring the truce conditions, despite the fact that the humanitarian pauses in besieged area are being broken by militants in violation of the UNSC's resolution.

    The situation in Eastern Ghouta has been tense over the past weeks resulting in ongoing shelling by local militants on Damascus and fire from the Syrian pro-government forces. Damascus says it opens fire in response to shelling from Eastern Ghouta while the western countries are accusing the Syrian government and Russia of being responsible for the escalation of tensions in the area.


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