04:32 GMT22 January 2021
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    TADMOR (PALMYRA), (Sputnik) - The Syrian government, with the support of Russian servicemen from the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation, organizes the evacuation of refugees from the Al-Rukban camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border, Haj Adel, coordinator of the peace process and security in Homs province's border areas, told reporters.

    "We, jointly with the Syrian Arab Army, with the support of Russian military specialists stationed in the locality of Tadmor, were able to establish contact with the Al-Rukban refugee camp in order to organize the evacuation of refugees who for some reason were unable to leave the camp on their own, to their native places," Adel said, adding that there is a group of militants in Al-Rukban comprising people who had fled the Daesh terrorist group (banned in Russia) after its defeat in Syria.

    The statement was made after reports emerged last week that militants of illegal armed groups were blocking roads, preventing refugees from leaving the camp, located in the Homs province some 11 miles (18 kilometers) south of the At-Tanf settlement and inside the US-controlled zone on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

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    The al-Rukban refugee camp has come under the spotlight since early November when the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria has accused the United States of establishing a training camp near the site, aiming to form a new "moderate opposition" out of various militia groups, following a similar statement of the Russian Defense Ministry, slamming Washington's move as "a war crime," since it prevented the Syrian government from setting up a safe corridor for the delivery of humanitarian supplies to refugees.

    The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria has also mentioned another camp last week, the al-Hasakah, claimed to be used as a base for training militants.

    According to a Russian defense official, the US instructors from the Special Operations Forces supervise a new armed group called the "New Syrian Army", allegedly announcing that after the training the groups would be sent to southern Syria to fight against government troops.

    The US-led coalition has denied these accusations, calling them "absurd."

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    During the six-years-long Syrian civil war, Russia has been supporting the legitimate government of President Bashar Assad, in contrast with the Western countries that have been insisting on his resignation and providing support for various opposition groups.

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