02:47 GMT31 March 2020
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    A member of the Turkish Parliament from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Metin Kulunk, speaking at the press conference at a Mejlis, said that the United States is trying to reshape the borders of the countries that were created after the First World War based on its own interests.

    The Turkish MP believes that the US is trying to pursue its own interests in the Middle East and in order to achieve its goals, the US uses various terrorist organizations. However, it appears that the US is not familiar with history of the region, and, judging by everything, even the lessons they have received, would not teach them anything.

    Pointing to the deep roots of statehood in countries such as Iran, Russia and Turkey, the deputy said, "Syria will become the second Vietnam for the United States, a terrorist swamp.”

    "Today this is a fact that cannot be denied. The US, as a response to the joint actions undertaken by Iran, Russia and Turkey, is trying in every possible way to justify the actions of the terrorist organization in Raqqa, representing a direct and immediate threat to our security,” Kulunk said.

    United States Vice President Mike Pence, left and Turkey's Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, right, shake hands for the photographers prior to their meeting during the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany
    © AP Photo / Prime Minister's Press Service
    He further said that the recent photographs showing the evacuation of Daesh terrorists from Raqqa demonstrate the “inextricable link between Daesh, Kurdistan’s Worker’s Party [PKK] and FETO [organization of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, recognized in Turkey as a terrorist group].”

    According to the parliamentarian all these structures are used as a tool for the forced redrawing of borders and territories in Turkey, Iran and Russia.

    “On Syrian territory the US is also pursuing a policy incompatible with the notion of allied relations and understandings. The US will eventually be forced to leave the region, just as it was during the First World War,” Kulunk said.

    He said that back then the US had blocked all the ways for investments needed for the development of the country. They did it at the expense of bribed politicians or by organizing military coups.  

    “The US authorities should stop pursuing a policy of threats and pressure against us,” the MP stressed.

    He further stressed that Turkey is an independent, sovereign state, and the US must treat it with respect. However, he is observing that certain forces in the US are in favor of the further deterioration of Turkish-American relations. 

    “In attempting to take China under its control and manage the region from Syria, of course, there will be atonement. And this atonement consists in resolute opposition from Turkey, Iran and Russia. What will the US do if tomorrow Raqqa, Afrin and Manbij will be cleared of the presence of the PKK? With whom will it then sit at the negotiating table?” Kulunk said.


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