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    On Monday, the Syrian Defense Ministry released footage of arms confiscated from different terrorist organizations, including Daesh (ISIS) and the rebranded al-Nusra Front, which clearly shows where they were manufactured. Speaking to Sputnik, Turkish experts commented on how the US, among others, was able to supply weaponry to militants.

    Most of the weaponry, the ministry said, had been manufactured in the US or by its allies, including Belgium and France.

    Daesh and al-Nusra Front terrorists were supplied with rockets, rifles, machine guns, anti-air weapons and even tanks.

    Commenting on the revelation, Abdullah Agar, a Turkish expert on security and counterterrorism issues and former operative of the Turkish special forces, who participated in operations in Syria, told Sputnik Turkiye that the western-made weapons had been supplied to terrorists for a long time.

    "In particular, we had seen US-made TOWs (tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire-guided) heavy anti-tank missiles operating in Syria. Besides, during their clashes with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the southeast of Turkey, the Turkish Armed Forces had captured an M4 assault rifle, which had a serial number on it. While viewing the footage of the arms confiscated from Daesh, I've noticed that it had the same serial numbers," he said.

     Daesh gunman firing an anti-tank missile at Syrian troops north of Palmyra city, in Homs Provence, Syria (File)
    © AP Photo / Militant Photo
    Daesh gunman firing an anti-tank missile at Syrian troops north of Palmyra city, in Homs Provence, Syria (File)

    The expert explained that there is a very thorough registration of the Western-made weaponry that had been confiscated from terrorists, which proves from where they get their support and which clearly shows that various American structures direct and control radical groups in the region.

    "There is a hybrid war going on there. Hence it is of no surprise that the weapons and ammunition, which are being used in this war, come to light time and again. There is one more trick: We see how the US is supplying not only self-manufactured arms, but also Russian-made weaponry, using different channels," Abdullah Agar told Sputnik.

    Erdogan Karakus, retired Lt. Gen. of the Turkish Air Force and chairman of the Turkish Union of Retired Officers, told Sputnik that about seven or eight years ago the US announced that up to 300,000 units of US-made weaponry had disappeared in Iraq.

    It did so to be able to steer clear from any accusations of supplying arms to terrorists. As the result, it is now able to claim that the US-made weapons, which have been confiscated from militants, are those that had been "lost" in Iraq.

    He also recalled that after the Soviet Union sent its troops to Afghanistan back in the early 1980s, the West started supporting the groups that made the basis for al-Qaeda. As the result, numerous affiliates of this terrorist group are now operating in Syria.

    "In the final years of existence of the Soviet Union, Western countries supported the founders of al-Qaeda, which led to rapid development of radical Islamic terrorism, which we now clearly see in Syria. Hence it comes as no surprise to me that these terrorist organizations are operating with the western-made guns," he concluded.

    Earlier in September, the Russian Defense Ministry released aerial images, which showed US military equipment stationed north of Deir er-Zor in what used to be Daesh footholds. The ministry said the photos clearly showed that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the US troops that support them are present in areas of Syria held by terrorists.

    However the absence of any signs of airstrikes or fighting in the area demonstrates that Daesh terrorists did not fight against the US Army's special forces units.

    This could mean that the US military staff "feel absolutely safe" in the area, which is held by the terrorists, the ministry stated.

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