05:44 GMT25 January 2021
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    Even though the US-led coalition dismissed reports of US forces preparing to abandon their training base near al-Tanf in Syria, it appears that there are actually several reasons that might make withdrawing from this area a prudent move for the Pentagon.

    Local media reported on Wednesday that the United States was planning to leave the training base near the Iraqi border, and the Russian military would take over it.

    However, an Operation Inherent Resolve spokesperson told Sputnik that "these reports are unfounded", adding that “the coalition controlled area within the established deconfliction zone near al-Tanf remains an important area in which coalition special operations forces train and equip, advise, assist, accompany and enable Vetted Syrian Opposition (VSO) groups.”

    Meanwhile, Brigadier General Ali Maksud, a prominent Syrian military analyst, told Sputnik Arabic that the location of the al-Tanf base makes it a strategically important area for military operations in this part of Syria.

    "However, the combined efforts of the Syrian and Iraqi armies, along with the capture of the strategically important Resafa and Kala ar-Resafa, have greatly diminished the importance of the al-Tanf base," General Maksud explained.

    Meanwhile, Syrian political analyst Talib Ibrahim told Sputnik that the US "has no legal right for maintaining its presence in al-Tanf or in any other region of Syria."

    "This state of affairs makes future clash with the Syrian Army inevitable, so US analysts may have made the decision to pull out their forces from al-Tanf. It’s possible that similar decisions may be made regarding other bases on Syrian territory," he said.

    The analyst added that the agreement on de-escalation zones was a good move “for everyone, including Washington,” as the US currently faces a lot of problems both at home and abroad and President Trump is probably grateful for a little breather on the Syrian front.

    He pointed out that the de-escalation zones were established via the agreement between the governments of Russia, Syria and Iran, effectively implementing the peaceful resolution of the conflict – something that the US was unable to do.


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