21:55 GMT28 May 2020
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    Commenting on the recent claims of the White House that the US allegedly "observed potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime," political analyst Ali Ahmad, an adviser to Syria's information minister, explained to Sputnik the real reasons behind these accusations and what Israel has to do with it.

    Syrian political analyst and adviser to the Syrian information minister Ali Ahmad explained to Sputnik that the US feels that Syria and Russia are defeating the terrorists indeed and not in words, and are returning captured territories, including those which had been under the control of the US.

    "The US wants to bring everything back to the starting point of the conflict. That is why it is accusing the Syrian government of preparations for a chemical attack, to be able to insist on similar consequences as for previous accusations," he told Sputnik.

    Ali Ahmad noted that the White House cited no sources for the information about the alleged preparations for an attack.

    "The White House said nothing about the source of information, it was just a general phrase that 'a chemical attack is being planned.' It immediately, however, blamed the Syrian government, without any evidence, apparently forgetting that the US had witnessed the elimination of Syria's chemical weapons," he said.

    The Syrian political analyst suggested that the US wants, at any cost, to prevent any possible contact between Syria and Iraq. Washington is also interested in keeping the hotspots of tensions on Syrian territory active, thus preventing the Syrian army from liberating territories captured by terrorists.

    "They want to impede the advance of the government forces in those areas of the country where terrorists operate under the control of the US and its allies. These are namely the territories in the south-west of Syria: on the border of Syria and the territories which are currently occupied by Israel, including an area between Syria, Jordan and the territories occupied by Israel," he said.

    Further to the east, there are other territories on the border with Jordan, Iraq and Syria. It is a very important part of the border and the US wants to prevent any contact between Syria and Iraq, he added.

    "We need to treat the provocations about possible chemical attacks very carefully and attentively. They made a big mistake last time, when they revealed the site [of a previous attack] where it was clearly seen that it was a deception. This time they may correct all of their mistakes and do the trick more professionally," Ali Ahmad warned.

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