02:52 GMT01 December 2020
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    Syrian authorities have refuted US claims about Damascus planning a chemical attack, AP reported on Tuesday.

    Ali Haidar, the Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs in Syria, slammed the White House for claiming that Washington had identified potential preparations for a chemical attack by Syrian government forces.

    Damascus has never used and will never use such weapons, Haidar said, adding that the statement issued by the White House portends a "diplomatic battle" against Syria in the UN.

    Earlier today, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow considers such US authorities' threats against Syrian legitimate leadership to be unacceptable.

    The Syrian government cannot be held accountable for the April 4 chemical attack in the Idlib province "because, as you know, despite all of Russia's demands, an unbiased international investigation of the previous tragedy has not been carried out," he added.

    On April 4, the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces supported by the United States blamed the Syrian government for an alleged chemical weapon attack in Khan Sheikhoun in Syria’s Idlib province. Reacting to the incident, Washington, which had not presented any proof of the chemical weapons use by Damascus, launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syrian governmental military airfield in Ash Sha’irat on April 6.

    Damascus has repeatedly denied any involvement in the incident and said that the Syrian government doesn't possess chemical weapons as the full destruction of Damascus’ chemical weapons stockpile had been confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in January 2016.

    In an interview with Sputnik, President Assad called the Idlib chemical attack in Syria "a cover up for the American intervention" in the country, which President Donald Trump intended to use to get support in his home country amid various conflicts with the members of the US establishment.


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