17:20 GMT22 February 2020
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    Turkey must not stand against cooperation with the Syrian Kurds because currently the main task is to prevent the escalation of the war between Sunnis and Shiites in Syria, according to former Turkish Armed Forces member and security expert, Abdullah Agar.

    In an interview with Sputnik Turkey, Agar said that although Turkey has no issue with the Kurds of Syria or Iraq, Turkey is at war with the PKK militants and opposes the spread of their radical ideology.

    “Earlier, when the influence of the PKK over the Syrian Kurds was not so strong, Turkey tried to find a solution that would allow the Syrian Kurds to participate in the Syrian settlement process on legitimate grounds. However, the Turkish efforts did not meet the interests and ambitions of the West, and therefore remained unnoticed,” Agar said.

    He further said that it is necessary to interact with the Syrian Kurds. 

    “The main task in the region now is to prevent the growing tension between Sunnis and Shiites, since this can lead to complete chaos,” the expert said.

    Hence, in order to resolve this issue, Turkey in cooperation with Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria should direct its efforts to ensure cooperation between Sunni Arabs, Turkomanes and Kurds, on the one hand, and the Shabihi regime (paramilitary pro-government groups in Syria) and the Shiite militia, on the other. 

    “This path though looks utopian, but it is the only one. Otherwise, it will be difficult to avoid a regional interconfessional clash,” Agar said.

    He further said that the priority should not just be ethnic or confessional, but also political. 

    “Only by resorting to the fact that the conflicting parties belong to a single Syrian nation will it be possible to find the key to resolving the Syrian conflict and avoiding the growth of the scale of ethnoconfessional confrontation,” Agar said.

    Any civil conflict cannot be completed definitively until the due peace and fair division of powers is provided.


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