15:32 GMT06 March 2021
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    Over two dozens civilians were killed in Syria as a result of a United States-led international coalition airstrike.

    The US Air Force carried out an airstrike in the city of Al-Mayadin in the northeastern part of Deir ez-Zor province.

    As a result, 35 civilians were killed, including women and children, and dozens were left injured, SANA news agency reported, citing sources.

    According to the report, the aircraft targeted a crowded market and a four-storied building that was completely destroyed.

    On May 16, coalition warplanes launched an airstrike on the city of Abu Kamal in Deir ez-Zor, killing 31 civilians, mostly children.

    In an interview with Radio Sputnik, Araik Stepanyan, an analyst at the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, said that the US-led coalition is waging war in Syria, without making a difference between the enemy and civilians.

    "First, the Americans don’t have a clear plan of what they need to do to defeat the terrorists. Second, they’re playing a double standards game. They have 'good' terrorists and 'bad' terrorists. They help the good and attack the bad. And when they launch an attack they make no difference between militants and their families, including women and children," Stepanyan said.

    The analyst noted that when it comes to the situation in Syria mainstream media and Western-based human right organizations also apply double standards.

    "If it was Russian planes Russia would be demonized and accused of war crimes, including by media and rights activists. But when the US does the same human rights organizations keep silent. The US feels impunity and commits such cynical acts. I think that in order to save face those organizations should raise this question," he concluded.

    Death From the Sky: The US Air Force's Mistaken Airstrikes
    © Sputnik
    Death From the Sky: The US Air Force's Mistaken Airstrikes


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