21:41 GMT22 October 2020
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    In addition to the lack of necessary medication, there are very few anesthetists and resuscitators left in Syria. Due to the war many specialists have fled the country. Sputnik Arabic spoke to Secretary of the Medical Association of Syria, Asif al Shahir, about the dire need for doctors in the country.

    “Syria has an acute shortage of anesthesiologists. They are not enough for all of the public and private clinics. During a surgery this [anesthesiologist] doctor should be with the patient until it is completed. He takes care of the patient until he is fully recovered. In case of an error he is brought to trial. At the same time, our doctors receive a very small salary,” Shahir said.

    He further said that in total there are 499 anesthetists in the country at the moment. About 210 of them work in the metropolitan area. Due to low salaries these doctors are struggling to make ends meet.

    In Yemen, such specialists are also much needed and the country is willing to pay them $25 a month and provide them with housing.

    The head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation at Damascus Medical College, Fatin Rastam, told Sputnik Arabic that “in coordination with the relevant ministry, currently courses for training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation are being offered in the college to all the newcomers.”

    She added that training is underway to upgrade the skills of doctors and medical personnel in accordance with the latest world standards.

    During a recent medical seminar, “First Aid and Anesthesia for Trauma,” which was held in Damascus, doctors from Syria, Arab and European countries discussed the specifics of working in Syria and exchanged experiences.

    The main topics were anesthesia, patient care, pain relief, psychological help and work with victims of toxic gases.


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