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    Image shows a cloud of black smoke rising from vehicles in the distance in what is said to be Aleppo's outskirts, Syria

    How 'Militants Used Potatoes to Trick Children' in Syria's Rashidin

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    On April 15, in the western region of Aleppo’s Rashidin, a terrorist attack took place in which a truck was blown up near a convoy of buses carrying civilians. More than 118 people were killed and 224 others injured on Saturday after a bomber blew up an explosive-laden car at the site. Sputnik Arabic spoke with the survivors of the brutal attack.

    According to eyewitnesses, the terrorist himself fled the crime scene after mining a car. At the moment of the blast, water and chips were being distributed so many hungry children were standing right at that spot.

    Sputnik spoke with the survivors of the terrorist attack. Adnan, a young boy said that he heard militants calling the children to come outside, in order to give the kids some chips and biscuits.

    Adnan did not immediately run with the other children but waited for his turn to come. However, there was an explosion and most of his friends died on the spot. He only received a scratch on his face from a piece of glass.

    “I wanted to take the potatoes so I started walking toward the truck. Then the blast happened and there was debris flying everywhere. One injured me,” Adnan told Sputnik Arabic.

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    Fatima, a mother of three children, was also present in the area when the bomb blast took place.

    She is the only surviving parent to her children as her husband was killed last year in Kefraya. Since then, all her efforts have been aimed at protecting her offspring because the situation in their village was very dangerous.

    As soon as there was an opportunity to leave for Aleppo, Fatima decided to take her children and go.

    The explosion in Rashidin wounded her little daughter.

    “The militants called the children to come and have a snack and it looked as if they had good intentions. So I let my children go along with everyone. Who could have known that they would fall victims of malice and cruelty against the inhabitants of our settlements,” Fatima said.

    Survivors of attack in Rashidin, Syria
    © Sputnik / Morad Saeed
    Survivors of attack in Rashidin, Syria

    According to her, before the blast took place, the situation was fine and it seemed that the militants had good relations with the civilians.

    “We were in the bus and everything was fine. Some armed people were bothering us on the way and telling us to wear the hijab. They were calling us Shiite s, enemies of God,” Fatima told Sputnik Arabic.

    She further said that “the militants tricked the children using potatoes.”

    “The children hadn’t eaten potatoes for two years. My daughter begged me to let her go and I allowed it. If only I knew I would have never let her go,” Fatima said.

    When the blast took place Fatima’s daughter disappeared from sight. After some time Fatima saw her child lying among the rest of the children, she was shocked, but just then the militants opened fire at everyone in the vicinity and Fatima had to duck for cover.

    “If someone hadn’t told me that my daughter was alive I would have lost my mind right there,” Fatima said.

    Currently her child is recovering in hospital.

    On Wednesday, the Syrian government resumed the evacuation of residents from four besieged towns which had been interrupted after a bomb attack hit one convoy.

    Thousands of people have left the rebel-besieged Shi'ite towns of Foua and Kefraya in Idlib Province under a reciprocal evacuation deal between the government and the militants. Local media reports suggest that 45 buses carrying some 3,000 civilians left the two towns for Aleppo.


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