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    Sputnik Mundo spoke in an exclusive interview with an Argentine Catholic missionary, Sister Hermana Guadalupe, who has lived in Aleppo for several years. According to her, the image of the peace-loving Syrian moderate oppositionist, promoted by the main Western media, is a “lie.”

    In this undated file photo released by a militant website, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, militants of the Islamic State group hold up their weapons and wave its flags on their vehicles in a convoy on a road leading to Iraq, while riding in Raqqa city in Syria
    © AP Photo / Militant website via AP, File
    Sister Guadalupe is a member of the Society of the Incarnate Word [Instituto del Verbo Encarnado], a Catholic congregation represented in Aleppo even before the outbreak of war in Syria.

    The Argentine nun knows firsthand about the violence of terrorist groups in the region. She has become an authoritative voice on an international scale; casting doubt on the message disseminated by the main Western media about the events in the country.

    According to Guadalupe, the Syrian conflict “was invented for the sake of convenience” in order to correspond with the “interests created in the region which are being carried out artificially and contrary to what the Syrian people themselves are saying.”

    She further said that Syrians want to continue living in the stability that they had before the war started, in the stability that the government had provided for them.

    “It is perhaps difficult to understand this in the West but it was real stability that they [the Syrian authorities] managed to achieve during many years,” the nun said.

    “Due to that stability, the country had a secular government, a good standard of living and economic stability. All that they had achieved disappeared with the outbreak of the war,” Guadalupe told Sputnik Mundo.

    However, the western media portrays the oppositionists as groups that “are good for freedom and democracy of the people.”

    “All of that is a lie,” the nun said.

    She stressed that these groups “only brought devastation to the country” by enlisting the support of a number of Western and Middle Eastern countries pursuing their economic interests in the region.

    “People in the west imagine the opposition as representatives of the Syrian people, with a white flag in their hands demanding freedom. It's a lie,” the nun said.

    She further said, “The oppositionist in Syria is a terrorist. However, people do not know about this in the West and therefore we are speaking different languages. In the West, there is an absolutely wrong idea of the real situation.”

    As for the alleged chemical attack, which the United States and other countries “attributed to the Syrian national army” without waiting for an investigation, the nun believes that the international community has behaved “excessively impulsive,” guided by the “suspicions” that “always come from the opposition.”

    She further said that the mass media and the information it gives out, has really affected the recent development in Syria as “the media are of great importance to those who promote these plans because they dominate and receive public support.”

    “It is wrong to manipulate information because it's against the truth. I also believe that the media themselves are largely manipulated. At least, the most important of them show only one part of reality and this does not bring any benefit. I think that, in the long run, it is the Syrian people who pay for it with their lives,” Guadalupe said.

    She further noted that the significant media distortion was also seen during the liberation of districts in Aleppo by the Russian and Syrian military from the clutches of terrorists.

    However, “the screens all over the world showed how the liberation forces were ‘cutting people out’ in the eastern part of the city but they totally ignored the joy of the population after ‘the city was finally liberated after five years of terrorist oppression,’” the nun said.

    Guadalupe has lived in Syria for four years facing attacks by the opposition forces, who had captured the eastern part of the city and were constantly attacking them with missiles.

    Another aspect of the Syrian conflict, which the nun highlighted, was that before the war all religions co-existed peacefully in Syria. Religious freedom was guaranteed; however, the situation has changed and today Christians live in torment.

    “These opposition groups are pursuing the goal of eliminating the government but on the way to this goal they want to uproot the Christian presence and then all other religious beliefs that are not fundamentalist Islam, like the Yezidis in Iraq, or even moderate Muslims in Syria,” Guadalupe said.

    Before the war, Christians accounted for about 10 percent of the total population in Syria. At the moment, the figure has significantly decreased and the religious minority is threatened with extermination both because of massacres and because they are leaving the country.

    The nun believes that the West ignores this topic, which should “cause concern among the entire world community.”

    In her opinion, it is necessary to protect Christian minorities because their disappearance “will strengthen and activate fundamentalism, and, hence, Islamic terrorism.”


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